Who is on Twitter?

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      Time to start expanding your network!

      Be sure to follow Videomaker!

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      Earl Chessher


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      I’m a newbie to the Videomaker forum, but I’m on Twitter too!!



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      Ok – Gotta admit I don’t get the Twitter thing (I also don’t change my Facebook or LinkedIn status’ often).

      It’s like the commercial with the kids schooling their parents on smartphone use and the dad posting “I’m sitting on the porch” – Who gives a rats ass?

      I do get blogging (some of them at least) and for many years kept one up (not much anymore, just a couple of posts per year now).

      Where is the value of one sentence, mostly inane quips?

      I’m willing to learn here – Just have never seen a compelling reason to jump on this train.

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      Bruce I’m with you. I really don’t care what any other single person is doing every minute. I’m not on Facebook (I don’t think half of a married couple should be alone) and I don’t have Twitter. The constant buzz of my Blackberry emails and text are constant enough reminder of the world out there.

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      Hi Derek –

      My big question would be how? Aren’t you limited to 140 characters? I’ve seen url’s longer than that.

      Just my preference I guess but if I wanted to find out about something, I’d Google it or search on a website that follows the particular info I was interested in.

      What am I missing?

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      Hey Birdcat – read some of the folks tweets to see how they manage in 140 char. I use “Tweetdeck” to autoshorten URL’s. I tweet or retweet stuff to my local and very small community of followers. Often just to promote that I just wrote on my blog or something in town worthy of attention. I’m not TOTALLY devoted to it though and find, like hiding FACEBOOK people who post game scores, that using tweetdeck I can hide certain people who are more prolific than profound.

      I use google analytics and can easily prove that my tweets do drive people to my website. That being said…as far as I know…no one has ever come to me for a video based solely on my tweets.

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      Ok – I’ll give it a chance (maybe).

      PO’d that my favorite name was taken by someone in Japan in 2007 who has made a total of 2 posts.

      So for now, I’ll have to be http://twitter.com/7Squared

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      Bruce, what I like most about Twitter, and as opposed to Facebook which IMHO is even MORE of a potential nuisance, is that I CAN share short and sweet bits of info with certain select people I follow, and who follow me.

      I started out thinking/feeling about the same as you – nuts! But I soon revised my thinking when I realized it really isn’t how many follow me, or how many I follow, it is the quality of information, topics, ideas and links that those whom I do follow have to offer.

      When somebody starts getting wacky with it and posting 10 or so at a time, I simply stop following them. When somebody posts primarily elements of stupidity, I stop following them. When I believe that by adding a RT (repeating a useful twitter content) or doing a #FollowFriday (on Fridays a bunch of us recommend others we think might be worth following by using their name – @7Squared and others, and the reasons for following with a #FF or #FollowFriday designation.

      It is a great way to promote others I enjoy reading or learning from, and promoting myself so long as I don’t get carried away with it. Working out who to follow, and who to allow to follow YOU, is the basic formula for Twitter satisfaction, I think.


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      Twitter is an excellent way to expand your network. I’ve met some cool peeps on Twitter and I can’t count how many opportunities I’ve come across just because I’ve “tweeted” with the right person. It is also an excellent way to get the word out about any projects you’re working on. I love Twitter… and Twitter has changed the way we communicate both now and in the future.

      Check out my blog:


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      Luis Maymi LopezLuis Maymi Lopez

      I like Twitter, is nice following people that can give you top quality information. I don’t like following people that say a lot of nothing, but since I use Tweetdeck I filter those out and only follow people by categories I created like “Video Producer Friends” and “Internet Marketing”. My Twitter is http://twitter.com/lomaymi. Note: My Tweets are in English and Spanish.

      PS: Just out of curiosity, how many of you had seen the Twitter “Whale”?

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      AvatarGrinner Hester


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      My twitter acount. I am Independent Filmmaker

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      well title of the post here is wrong. it should be “who is not on twitter?” πŸ˜€

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      I use Twitter all the time for finding the latest trends on video and what’s going in the men’s fashion industry!

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      I use it to keep people up to date with new music products and general bass news:

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      I use it during the season of racing in the Mid-west. Next season starts in late April.

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