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      Those of you who DO market your video or other business, products and related services, HOW do you market?

      What has worked best for you (other than building relationships and getting referrals) in the real business world?

      What have you actually tried that has NOT worked for you at all, given that you actually put some time into it?

      If you DO NOT engage in direct-mail marketing, why? Too daunting? Too expensive? Not effective? Zero R.O.I.?

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      AvatarGrinner Hester

      Building relationships is key. I have done postcards in the past but never did I get a return on that. I did the ole chamber of commerce thing when I first created my LLC but it lead nowhere. I use facebook and twitter as my own little press release stations. It’s free (other than some time) and aligning myself with powers that be is important. Yes, I have some sisters and uncles as friends on facebook but mostly it’s a pack of record lable execs and vps of programming at various networks… folks I need to be in front of. Then there is the mix n mingle. Shmoozfests ALWAYS yiald a client. I was asked to shoot for the local social media club last week. I wasn’t aware there was one. They had only 500 bucks to have it shot and edited. I jumped at the chance and didn’t bat an eye at the lack of budget. While there I handed out as many cards as I was handed and I have no doubt it’ll lead to bigger and better things both with the club and the businesses that were attending the event.

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      All of my corporate jobs have been booked as a result of my online marketing, primarily through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Fortunately I’ve been able to turn a certain amount of my clients into repeat clients.

      Some people think SEO is dead, but I can assure it it’s very alive! A common myth about SEO is that it is free. SEO is not ‘free’ because it costs you time, but if you have the time and now what you are doing, it can work out well for your business.


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      Just my point, Aaron … GREAT post, by the way … in ANY web based marketing endeavor you have to develop and discover ways to help thousands of people to FIND YOU! With my low volume, direct-mail strategies, over time I “find” thousands of people and TELL them where to find me online.

      Then I reap the rewards of my online marketing sites, along with what SEO does for me. For sure, SEO works, but I’ve found it easier to locate people than to get people to WANT to locate me.


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      Marketing is vital tomy video business. While it is true that much of my work now comes from Word of Mouth, I cannot rely on it entirely, especially if I am trying to promote a new service.

      The type of marketing used will depend on the type of videography service I am promoting.The key is to determine your target audience. In the case where you sell your video service through another service provider, like wedding planners, funeral homes, schools etc., direct mail advertizing is idea. It is a good idea to provide these service providers with supporting materials (flyers, demodvds)so that they can promote your business to their clients.

      I like doing specific, one-off video projects. In this case I do my homework first, do a write-up of the project as I see it, and then I arrange a meeting with the potential client to do a presentation. The presentation is also an opportunity to hand out promotional material to people attending the presentation. Even if the project does not fly (or not yet), the opportunity to market to decision makers is worth the trouble!

      One site marketing is vital. By that I mean that while I am out shooting, it is a good time to market. I wear a baseball cap, golf shirt all with my logo. My logo is also on my camera, tripod etc. I have a collection of business cards and flyers describing the project. There are always interested people who will ask what I am doing. They get a flyer and business card.

      General marketing, like an add in a local paper, has never generated enough business for meto justify the expense. However I do put an add in a local monthly magazine. I think that is a way of sort of staying in the public eye and the magazine has a longer shelf life than newspapers.


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      Great post Aaron. No SEO is not dead! Yes you have to put in the effort to make it work. It usually takes a few months to get to the top on the “organic” Google searches, and effort to maintain your position there. I have used Google AdWords and Microsoft Search Marketing (recently they partnered with Yahoo) Pay-Per-Click with alot of success, mostly for lead generation. The great thing about PPC is if you write good copy and have relevant content on your site, you are rewarded with HIGHER placement and CHEAPER clicks and your basically on cruise control.

      You can also create separate campaigns for mobile devices. The mobile search market is growing exponentially and right now clicks can be had on the cheap. If you have a web site to support your business, it’s best to have a version that is optimized for mobile devices. People who own mobile devices love to use them, so it is a smart bet to target mobile users in your advertising efforts.

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      I do a TON of networking, seminars, and I’m getting good referrals. I have also done some direct e-mail marketing using a very specialized method. I have gotten a 3% success rate from that, which is not too bad for that kind of marketing. I have also found someone who is good at cold calling, and will probably try that as soon as I get a good list together.

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