Who has heard of “Sonic Cameras”, and can they be trusted?

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      Greetings — I’m in the market for a new HD camera, so I’ve been visiting the shops and trying to rationalize a fairly large cash investment. I did a search today and found the site “soniccameras.com” and a price I cannot believe — a new Canon XH/A1 for about $1250

      The site that directed me to them (pricingdepot.com) has over 5000 reviews with an “average” of 5 stars (out of 5).

      The better business bureau “hasn’t heard of them” (well, actually, per the website they were “recently brought to our attention” as of 3/27 — that would be today…) This seems a little odd — I find it hard to believe that with 5000 insanely positive reviews, they haven’t had at least one clunker and/or report to the BBB.

      The price they are quoting seems suspiciously low, but if it’s legit, then hell yeah I’ll be buying it from them!

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      Be very careful. When I bought my Panasonic AG-DVC20 there were sites that offered it very low, even half price. We found out they only sold the camera, no extras like batteries and the charger. Ask alot of questions before you buy.

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      If it sounds to good to be true, then it is! There are a lot of cons out there. There are only a hand full of online stores you can trust. B&H, Full Compass, and Adorama are online stores I’ve worked with, and HIGHLYrecommend.

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      i’ll second Videofreak’s post. Most of these low price outlets attempt to sell you a camera, and then offer ‘extras’ such as batteries, warranties, chargers; often these are things that should already be packaged with the camera and often you won’t get your camera without a lot of hassles. I’ve only used B&H for my equipment and have never had any issues. Very dependable.


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      Thanks for the input — with that in mind, I did take a /closer/ look at their page and what they offer. Per the Canon brochure, there isn’t much (other than the charger and a battery) that I see as expensive items to replace [cables, carrying strap, etc.] with the possible exception of the “wireless controller” [and even then, I’d be hard pressed to value that at more than $20…]

      The batteries that SC is offering under the related items/accessories listing seem to be extremely OVER priced (not to mention generic 3rd party batteries…), and I see in their “about us/company info” page a small disclaimer that Sonic Cameras “carries US & Non-US products. Non US products may be considerably less expensive. The product packaging may or may not include all software, accessories, and features intended for US customers. Please allow three to four weeks for delivery on some international products. USA warranty may be additional. Images and specifications are for illustrative purposes only.”

      that’s kind of a blanket statement — I can see how this could be used to get out of having to provide what is “normally” supposed to be included.

      So, with that in mind, I’ve sent off an e-mail asking about this camera in particular and what I’d ultimately have to pay to have this “working on the day I get it into my hands” — it will be interesting to see their response…


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      Here’s what you want to watch out for. Look at the website and see where they are located. If they are located in Brooklyn, NY, then stay away. There are many fraud camera companies located in Brooklyn. To find out what kind of rating any company has, go to http://www.resellerratings.com. You can search by store name and find out what people rate it. Sonic Camera is located in Brooklyn and is rated 1.37 out of 10! Not good.

      I would highly reccomend B and H, Calumet, Abes of Maine, and Adorama.

      Hope this helps.

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      Soniccameras.com is a total SCAM!!!

      It’s a long story, but I ended up having to cancel my credit card after placing an order with them. I would love to report them, but don’t know how to go about doing so.

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      Call the FBI. AsSoniccameras.com are on the internet and they seem to be violating an interstate statute.

      BBB should also be called.

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      a complete fraud.

      “sonic cameras” is also cameraprofessionals.com, cameras.com, and bestpricecameras.com.

      the canon xh/a1 is so inexpensive from these guys becausethe price does not include some basics. like the viewfinder and lens. (again, it’s missing not just the charger and battery — it has no lens or viewfinder.) of course, these don’t exist. they are out of those.

      how about the full camera, as it’s sold by sony? $3888.

      have to give them credit for the websites, though.

      all that aside, i’m interested in thexh/a1. anybody find a “real” low price?

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      I just almost ordered a camera from them a couple days ago and cancelled my order after arguing three different times on the phone with them. I thought I was paying about $450 for a Nikon D40, including a lens, battery, carrying case, tripod, and cleaning kit all for free, but had to call to “confirm” my order, which was really just their ploy to try and haggle me into buying a lot more. After the sales rep. was done offereing me everything I supposedly needed, my bill was all the way up to $730. He wanted to charge me an extra $20 for shipping insurance, as well. He also lied and said he couldn’t cancel my order, saying it was “out of his hands” because I already agreed to pay that, but I looked on their website and it said clearly that you can call and cancel an existing order, so I called back and after being put on hold 3 different times, I finally got a hold of the guy again and called him out on it, so he cancelled my order after trying to give me a guilt trip about it.

      Don’t buy from these guys!!! Or any other “too good to be true” online dealer. Go through someone you’ve actually heard of and pay a few bucks more with the satisfaction of knowing you won’t get ripped off or have to deal with horrible customer service.

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      If you sense a risk or doubt about the website, there probably is one. I just checked the site out and I felt uncertain all over.

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      I did a web search for a price comparison on the Canon rebel XTI camera and got Sonic Cameras as the lowest price at a trusted site. The price advertised was $250 for body only. I don’t know anything about cameras but my daughter had asked for this camera for her birthday. I ordered the camera over the internet, it was suppose to ship is about a week. When it didn’t arrive, I checked the order and it had a button to click to “confirm order.” I called the company and they said the order didn’t go through. I was told that the camera was body only, no cables, manuals, neck strap, battery, lens, etc. The salesman said they had a big labor day sale on lens that were regularyly $600 but they were selling two for $400, the sale had ended but he could extend it to me. I ordered the camera and lens and then checked the prices for those lens with Sigma and found they were only $80 and $200. Then I saw all the negative blogs about this company. I read that they don’t even have cameras there, they get them from overseas and when you get them the instruction manuals are in Japanese and you never know what quality your getting. I called the company back the same day and was told I could not cancel my order because it had already been shipped. I asked for the customer service supervisor and was told the same thing. Their web site states the number to call and cancel an order but they want to make you believe that they shipped the package just minutes from when you ordered it when it takes them 45 minutes just to get back to you when you are put on hold after asking to cancel your order. This is the advise I got from an online lawyer:

      If you receive the shipment via UPS or some other private shipper, reject it. When you get the statement with the line item, or any restocking fees, write the credit card issuer and report the transaction as “unauthorized.” The card issuer will have no choice but to remove the charges. A misrepresentation about a product is fraudulent, and a fraudulent charge is legally “unauthorized.” And, under federal law, a card issure “must” remove any “unauthorized” charge from your account.

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      why not start a guerrilla consumer protest against them.

      Go on as many forums as you can find that have photo/video enthusiasts.

      post your warnings about them, ask people to write letters of complaint the bbb and news agencies.

      also ask people to use the companies toll free lines to call up the company, tie up the sales clerk/con artists time posing as customers, stringing them along before telling them to change thier tactics…(every minute of thier time you waste, there’s a potential victim that gets a busy signal). If they have any “Postage Paid” direct mailers cards, by all means, tape it to a wrapped up brick and send it to them…I’m sure those bulk mailers get billed by the pound…..

      or just tell your ex wife about the good deals and send her they’re way…

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      I’ve only used B&H for my equipment and have never had any issues. Very dependable.

      Thank you.

      Henry Posner
      B&H PHoto-Video

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      Sounds like NO ONE should deal with Sonic Camera or Zoommania. Check their reviews out at http://www.resellerratings.com Bad news for sure. I’m glad I googled them before I did business with either of them.

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      kinda like selling you a car but the engine is optional, or sky diving and rope on the paracute is optional. be careful mate. B&H is well known, been around for years, real customer service. and for audio Sweetwater.com can’t be beat for customer service and value. and more often then not they also have the lowest price and free shipping on some items.

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      I agree 100%!

      B&H is the only store I trust.

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