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      I am looking to replace a couple of worn out camera-mounted wireless mics. I have always used Sony single audio channel mics with excellent results. But I noticed that Azden has a two audio channel system and Sennheiser has single audio channel system.

      Has anyone had good or bad experience with:

      Sony UWP-v6 Single audio channel

      Azden 330 UPR two audio channels (may need to upgrade the omni lavalier mic)

      Sennheiser single audio channel combo consisting of EK100G3 receiver; SKP100 G3 Plug-in stansmitter and SK100 G3 body pack transmitter.

      Or, is there a different system that’s better than the above?

      Thanks in advance for your help,


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      I have and use, with EXCELLENT results, the Sony UWP-V6 system. I’ve used Azden in the past and it is certainly a decent quality, decent priced, manufacturer and has come a long way quality-wise (from what I’ve read and heard, not used) from the model I had … I went to the Sony ONLY due to the fact that the FCC shafted me out of using my Azdens. They are built like tanks and would have lasted forever and a day, were they not on the FCC “no use frequency” list. Also, they cannot be, from all that I’ve read and researched, modified.

      So, for me, the ultra-light, also built like a tank, Sony UWP-V6 is a solid choice. I know Sennheiser is a known and respected brand, but have no recent personal experience with the brand.

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      Hi Earl,

      Thanks for the info. I agree with you on the Sony mics, but I still use mine when outside the US. But, the frequencies are a problem and one transmitter has decided to drop its output way down so that even 25′ range is marginal so, it’s time for new ones.

      I’m leaning towards the Sony because reliability under all conditions of sweat, heat, rain/snow, poor placement etc is very important. Yet, the Azden with two receivers means that I could use two transmitters covering more or less the same thing. If one fails the other one might succeed. That means reliability too.

      I’ve used Sennheisers as stage mics but not with on-camera receivers. they performed well, but I have never used them under the grueling conditions of an outdoor wedding in light rain.

      Thanks again for sharing your experience,


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      My senheiser set-up was also ‘shafted’ as Earl described. Though I’d bought them in 2007, they still work perfectly and got great sound. I also had a sony wireless rig I bought back in 2002 that is still in excellent shape but again is on the ‘no use list’. Both brands make excellent gear for the money. I’ve heard mixed reviews about Azden gear. Some love it, others hate it. As for the sennheiser’s I’ve used them on industrial shoots (steel mills and the like) and in both wet and sandy environments and they worked like a champ.

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      Joshua, twice you’ve posted something but it’s coming up as an empty, blank box … no content. I’m going to delete it again. This might be a matter for the gearheads at VMF’s to figure out if you cannot. Sorry. Earl.

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      Thanks again for the insights. I am always surprised at how little useful info there is regarding wireless mics. It seems that almost all reviews rave about features with little other info. Customer comments reflect either love or hatred with little reason for either.

      I’m leaning toward the Sonys because the comments above coincide with my personal experience. Since I won’t need them until November, I still have some time to decide. Jaimie

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      I just purchased the Sony UWP last week, Used it on a video this weekend and it worked flawlessly. I even had the output set on low by accident and still got a good 60-80 feet (no line of site)before drop outs. To be honest It was a toss up between the senn and the sony. Both get great reviews, I just madeeverything match my sony setup.I just threw my azden system in the trash, It was about 10 years old and just died from lack of use.


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      Thanks for the info, I’m going with the Sonys. I’ll let everyone know how well they work after I use them on hot sweaty bodies, in the rain, on 100 degree days (like now), bang them around in the backs of vans etc. In the end, I believe reliability is the most important feature of portable equipment.

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      I’ve had very good experience with the Audio Technica line of wireless mics. The 1800 series is pretty hard to beat and comes in both single or dual mic system.

      Even their lower end Pro 88 and ATR288 system work well and I recommend them for consumer camcorder use.

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      I have radio shack (stop laughing)wireless mics that i have used for 3 years now..BUT i use them with a mixer… and for outdoor “N” mics…..i have senheiser for the studio and money shots in the field and love them..they are strong and reach far out…

      the radio shack $50 units work well for the person that want to get up and going quick….but they are limited in range…about 150ft….and require a power source…but a $35 battery from video store will power one up in the field…

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