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      I was wondering if it matters what color temperature (Kelvin) I use for my video lighting if I perform manual white balancing using a white balancing card. Will the color temperature of the video always be the same (after manual white balancing) if you use 2500K, 5000K or 6500K lights?

      Also, what happens if you mix light bulbs with different color temperatures, if you perform manual white balancing?

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      If it is left on the manual setting it should never change. Mixing lighting etc will all depend on your artistic taste. Just be sure to pay attention to your colors in the viewfinder or LCD and you should be fine. There is no “wrong” way. A proper white balance is mainly best used for balancing all the colors in the most natural way – err my wording may be off there, I am pretty tired at the moment. In the end it all depends on the look you desire.

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      What Double said. Just remember once you change lighting, you’ll have to re-whitebalance.

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      Like doublehamm said above, “it all depends on the look you desire” but as a rule of thumb, I always try to white balance with all light sources having similar colour temperatures, otherwise you can get “mixed colour effects”…for instancean interviewin a room with windows…on one side you have sunlight comming in, on the other a 3200 K tungstun fill light.The resulting video may have anorange cast on one side of the subjects face and a blue cast on the other. By adding a blue gel to the tungsten light you are simulating the colour produced by the incomming sunlight, and now when you white balance the colour is even across the subjects face. The on-camera LED light I use has a ‘natural’ colour balance of 5000 K, and as such makes an ideal fill light when used outdoors, but when I go inside I usually add an orange gel filter to the LEDlight. Now when I white balance I get a nice warm reading of about 3400 K. The great thing about colour LCD monitors on camcorders is that regardless of the degrees Kelvin you are white balancing under, you will be able to seewhat the colour of your image will look like.

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      Thanks for the answers. However, I wasn’t really wondering what the “correct” color is. I understand that this depends on what you are trying to say and show. I was just curious to know if the manual white balancing always brings the color temperature to the same level. No matter what light is used. So a scene with 3500K light will look the same as a scene with 6500K light if both have been manually white balanced using the same white balancing card.

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