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      The White Balance set up on the Canon XH A1 seems backward. If you want WB set to either outside or inside the USERS MANUEL instructs the switch to be on PRESET, but if you want to manually set the WB theUSERS MANUELssays use A or B switch, which seems oposite instead of setting the inside to say A, and the outside to say B, and then use that setting if the need arises.?? What does all this mean?

      Don Tayloe

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      usually the preset is the preset outside or indoor white balance. the A and B setting is where you would set the switch, and then take your own white balance. so lets say you are shooting inside, and dont want to trust the preset, you set the switch to A white balance for the indoor light, and go to town. then when you go outside, set the switch to B white balance for that, and shoot away. now, when you go back inside, just flip that switch back to A and you are good to go.

      just make sure that you re white balance everytime the light source changes. dont just rely on your old white balance settings.

      does that help?

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      Perfect. What you say makes complete sense. Thank you so much. Now when do you use the color Temp?

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