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      I video taped a dance recital and at the time was not aware of the unbalanced lighting. I have a problem because if the dancer is in one spot she blooms (white out) and in another spot there is perfect white balance. I am using Vegas Pro 8. I have tried a few things but nothing successful yet. Wondering if anyone has any ideas besides strangling the light crew.

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      Grinner Hester

      The lighting crew did there job fine. Whoever shot it didn’t.

      Just color correct as best ya can and white balance correctly next time. Watch your scopes. As long as you keep it legal, you’ll add no bloom upon output.

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      don’t strangle the lighting crew! Overexposure is quite common in taping stage productions because of improper camera setup. You may not be able to do much for the overexposure because the luminance levels are probably clipped (superwhite). you could try using levels to adjust at the instances needing adjustment or use a cookie cutter mask.

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      After the fact, you’re only option is color correction. I shot a segment for a corporate vid outdoors once and though I did a proper white balance, the day-glo safety vest threw everything off electronically for some reason. Instead of a perfectly balanced daylight shot all the colors were shifted as if I had used the tungsten preset (I don’t use factory presets when I have access to manual controls.) So I just color corrected all the ‘purple’ out and it looked just fine. Would have been less of a pain if the proper white balance had stuck.

      Save the hangin’ for your DP he/she should have known better.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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