Which wireless dual lavalier microphone to buy?

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      I’m looking to buy a dual lavalier system. I am looking for something small, compact, durable, and with one receiver in the $1000 range.

      Any suggestions?

      Thanks for your time.


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      If you’re looking for units with camera-mounts, I bought three Azden 330 series units (two have a dual-receiver) over time (about $700) and find they work great. But I’ll bet other brands will work great, too!

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      Thank you for your response. I won’t be needing a a unit with a camera mount since my audio will be separate (shooting with dslr). Does the sound come across well? Up to what distance?


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      I am looking for the exact same thing! I am using the M-Audio MircoTrack with an adapter right now but I need alavalier system.


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      I am in the market for a new Lavalier system too with more than one mic hook up.

      I purchased an inexpensive unit on Ebay for a shoot and it worked just fine EXCEPT if you had any flourescent lights on over head! Then you got a terrible hum on the audio track. I learned a tough lesson, check your audo track before you shoot a scene. I had to do the shoot over again because I did not test before I started filming.

      It is my understanding that the UHF systems are not as sensitve to flourecent hum. There are a number of different UHF systems for sale on EBay but I have not been able to find any reviews except on Amazon.com


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      BandH has a little bit of everything. It’s been a long time but seems like I paid less than 400 bucks for mine there. Its single. I’m about to get a dslr and will be setting it up much like this:

      that’s the basic studio set up but I’m going with this duel xlr input box:

      Pretty much spot on but with shorter cables and just one shotgun and a lav. Light, tight, all inclusive… add a lil dimmable led and I probably won’t even tote a different lens when handheld. I’ve always liked to be mobile with everything I need on me and this little combo will let me do that as I transfer into a dslr work flow.

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