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      Hey guys,

      I am thinking of getting into Event Videography.
      I am on a $2000 budget for a camera. Narrowed it down to;

      Sony NEX-VG10 (…does not offer 24P, no RAW, and has interchangeable lens)
      Sony HDR-FX7 (Dated, uses DV Tapes, no interchangeable lens as I understand.)

      both are listed at $2000 although I’ve seen the NEX-VG10 listed for $1600 on a website. is this a apples to apples comparison? or do I just save my cash and purchase a really dated professional 2nd hand Cannon XL2 on Ebay?

      …any thoughts?

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      Well, interchangeable lenses is needed when you’re using a set of prime lenses – lenses that don’t zoom. You don’t have enough money for good prime lenses, therefore the ability to change lenses is useless.

      Also, no camera for $2000 is going to shoot RAW video.

      24p doesn’t make your video better. It’s just a frame rate. And since your a beginner (I’m assuming you are since your budget is so low), you should stick with 60i, which is 30fps.

      Essentially, I’m recommending the FX7. It doesn’t matter that it’s “dated.” What matters is what you do with the camera.

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      Thanks Rob. Think you are right on all the points.

      I have some super 8mm film that I was going to project and record so I thought a 24fps would be good for that purpose.

      I’m sold on the FX7 but concerned about using tapes and not SDcards.

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      Why, what’s wrong with recording to tape? Tape and SD cards are just recording mediums. They don’t necessarily reflect the quality of video. In fact, the VG10 records AVCHD, which is more compressed than HDV, the FX7’s acquisition codec.

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      You’re on an extremely low budget. Upfront you’re going to need not just a camera but support gear too. Camera bag, tripod, extra batteries, mics, headphones, the list goes on. Are you shooting already? Do you have gear that can support what you already have or are you jumping in from scratch? Like Rob said, ‘there’s nothing wrong’ with HDV and tape for now. I’m working with both tape and solid state. They both have their strong points and issues. So don’t get ‘sold’ on any one thing until you’ve got a more complete picture of what you’re planning to do.

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      I have the FX7 and I am very pleased with video and the tape workflow. I always have a copy of what ever I shoot.

      If you start with the FX7 you can always add solid state recorder later. You can get the Data Video CF recorder for $539 from B&H when you are ready. By then the price may be lower.

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