which used camera to supplement PTZ for church setting

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      Our church is venturing into the unknown…. video (DVD) and IMAG! (I’m just learning so bear with me) We are buying PTZ SD cameras for 4 locations. Someone said we would be better off to buy one or two PTZ cams, and several used cams to set on tripods for static close-up shots. (eg. one the keyboardists hands, close-up on the drummer, on the neck of the guitar…) Any suggestions on which used camera would work for this application, and could also be purchased reasonably?

      My church and I thank you for your advice.


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      It simply does not matter. You could grab a used beat down vhs camera from 1984 and nobody would gripe. If it looke washed out, that would just be divne intervention as far as the church is concerned. That said, surf ebay and grab what ya dig. Dude, it aint a deal breaker either way.

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