Which unit from sony is better for what I do

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      I am a video shooter from along time ago I use to use the Big bulky cameras and now I ma looking to use the smaller cameras, I use to shoot Analog Hi8, and I am thinking of going to Digital Hi8 because I have all the tapes, Which of these cameras would be better for shooting my special events

      DCR TRV 730 Digital 8
      DCR TRV 330 """""""""

      Or should I got to the sony DCR VX 2100 and change formats’

      Any and all help would be greatly helpful, and sugestions also
      thank you

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      I can’t help you on which camera to move up to but I will say switch to MiniDV.
      I came from [and still have and use from time to time] a Digital 8 Sony but I use a FX1 for "big" projects.

      As I understand it, Sony is no longer [or they will stop very shortly] making new Digital 8 cameras so it may be time to move to a new format for that reason alone.

      MiniDV for standard and Hi Def should be around for a few [at least the next 5 years or more] but it will be replaced as HD becomes more "standard" and HDV [the MiniDV HD] is replaced by a better format.

      I don’t know if that helps you but research it as this is just my two cents.

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      I bought a sony hi8 trv 65 and in the process shot a couple hundred tapes with it, when it was time to
      upgrade I bought a new Digital 8 330 the main reason was that the 330 would transfer
      my hi 8 tapes through a firewire to my computer so I could edit them, I don’t believe
      the new Digital 8 cameras will allow you to play your Hi8 tapes. I may be wrong but you can check on it.
      I recently bought a used 330 in a pawn shop as a backup for $100, they can be had on E-bay up to $300.
      3 years ago I went with the Canon Gl-2 and I kinda wish I would have bought a sony 2100.

      If your idea is to upgrade go to a 3 chip camera you won’t regret it.

      As a footnote I shoot a lot of video in Church and the resolution of my Hi 8 was always better than
      my Digital 8. The Digital 8 always look a little pixely for a lack of a better word. Outside the d8
      was great. But these two are nothing compared to my Gl2 no comparison.

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      I was really referring to my Sony Digital 8 pixilating, the Hi8 analog I have has always had a better picture indoors than the Digital 8, but that may just be mine.

      I haven’t had that particular problem with my Gl2 a host of other junk but not that one.
      Yes I’ll probably go back to sony products when I upgrade again.

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      vx2100 all day long. Outstanding picture quality. If you can swing the dollars, do it and don’t look back. The step up in image quality is huge.

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