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      I’m looking for a digital video editor that will allow to me import non-copyrighted DVD-video in either .vob or .mpg format and retain a 5.1 dolby digital mix. I need to take this video and add fade in from black, and fade out to black to the clips, and add titling. Then I need to export the movie back to MPEG-2 in 5.1.

      Nero Vision 4 does all this with the exception of the fade to black
      Premiere Pro 2 won’t play nice with MPEG-2, and Premiere is what I’ve used most in the past for my editing needs

      I’ve tried out Avid Liquid, but can’t quite figure out the controls
      Ulead Videostudio doesn’t appear to work either

      So does anyone have a suggestion as to what program to use, and how to do it?

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      unless there is some magic program out there, you cannot import a 5.1 mix into any editing app from any dvd, unless your completely setup with 5.1 out from the player to 5.1 setup on your system. Secondly, you will lose quality in the video when trying to re-render a mpg file.


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