which one should I keep?

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      I posted this on another message board and got no response for almost a week (hardly any views either) so I thought I’d try this site.

      I recently did some digital camcorder purchasing and narrowed my choices down to two that I could afford and had features that I like.

      But since I can’t find any professional reviews on the web, I thought I’d just post for any advice here of which one I should keep. I have about a week to return one of the two cameras.

      The cameras in question are:




      Both cameras seems to be pretty decent with good video, in my opinion. But I haven’t been able to take any digital stills yet or play with the video editing programs. The Sony has the touch screen and Night Mode, but the Panasonic has more megapixels and the 3 CCD. The Sony has a lot of cool features while the Panasonic does not.

      Anybody have some advice on their experiences with either of these cameras? Or maybe you can point me to some professional reviews on these? I didn’t find any but perhaps I just missed them.

      I appreciate any help you can provide.

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      I would look most intently on the picture quaility and audio capabilities. How does it look and sound? Can you attach an external microphone?

      I am really over simplifying it — sure there are other things like how does it look in lower light situations, focusing, etc.

      A lot of the bells and whistles on the camcorders may very well be accomplished in post editing (e.g transitions, fade, special effects)

      I agree with Hank on the picture ability – that is not a feature I would bank my decision on.

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      well, as I said, I like both cameras.

      They will mainly be used for our school productions in a darkened theatre. I tried both of them out during one of our dress rehearsals and liked both of them. The Night vision plus mode of the Sony produced the off-color greenish hue to everything–but I know that is from the infrared lens. However, turning it off made everything look back to normal.

      Again, I just am unsure of which is the better camera. I’m not concerned about the digital camera functions, either, but it is a bonus. Ease of use for the wife makes the decision Sony, but quality appears to be the Panasonic.

      Anybody else have an opinion to help me out here?

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      I’m a Sony fan, but PLEASE pick the Panasonic!

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      I’m a Sony fan, but PLEASE pick the Panasonic!

      Why, in your opinion, should I pick the Panasonic?

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      Because it’s a 3-CCD which means better image quality, and a better build, and better connectivity (mic, headphones) etc.

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      thank you for the input

      Anyone else? I’m returning one or the other on Thursday.

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      just to close the story,

      I decided to keep the Panasonic camcorder. the 3CCD’s were the main reason, but the ease of use and quality of the recordings that I got were the key factor. Better still pictures was a bonus.

      My wife liked the Sony a bit better because it was a tad smaller and fit her hand better, but she decided quality was a must, also.

      Thanks to everyone for your help!

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