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      Hello every one, I am new to Video editing industry. I have a PC which has Pentium Dual HT, 2GB ram, 500GB harddrive, 256 video/audio card. Now I need to pick a cool video editing software which has all latest features, and technology. Can someone give some recomandations for me please. I am more leaning towards the animations, motion effects, text displays stuff like that. Please help me.
      I heard different softwares like Adobe, Pinnacle, Matrox, Ulead etc.. Not sure which is good one.

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      Well , this is alittle more involved answer … I’ll try some …
      this is to say you have never worked with any editing software before….

      Price for one… how much you willing to spend ?
      Yes.. the more you spend the more you get most often.
      However , some are very envoled, and take time to learn …

      However the more you spend , the more time it will take to learn a new program , that does everything you want .
      are you willing to take the time ? some are more user freindly
      the less exspensive ones, well ..
      Well, I say get pinnacle 9 or 10 plus , may, or may not work well
      with your computer. However less than $100 investment …..
      Will do ALOT more than most for the money…….
      and as far as learning it/working the program. spend time with it and your;ll know were you stand. right after installation, do on online patches or updates a must,, update ….
      Hope this helps maybe some …… good luck

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      Pinnacle 9+ is my fav. Not difficult to learn – you wont get scared off.
      Adobe premiere is very good. A lot to learn and to a beginner, not as easy to use, however you can do so much more and with all the intergrated programs from adobe, you can create yor own stars wars epic.
      Only catch – plenty of cash needed, not just for the programs, but for the upgrades you will want to make things faster.
      Oh a word of advice, once you have completed the editing and are about to create your masterpiece as a DVD – rendering is required – depending on the size of the project and effects and music – lots of rendering. This takes lots and lots of time. I usually render of a night whilst I am sleeping. When I get up in the morning the master piece is done. Oh yeah, another piece of advice, burn your creation on a DVD RW and check it. If it is okay then create / copy your masterpiece on DVD R.

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      I vote for Pinnacle too.

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      A couple offer things … should be helpfull.. to avoid some possilbe
      problems others have had with this software and why most don’t like it.
      They fail to ;;; for the most part to : But not always the case.
      I use win 2000 OS
      If Win 98—- there’s one reason for crashes and flakyness
      Win XP — to glorifide,, stepping on top of it’s self.
      Looks like almost all you REALY need is MORE Ram get two GIG
      if you can afford it,,, Not just the cheapest you can find either
      Is yours DDR ?


      “At least” 1 gig ram…. DDR
      100 + H.D. 7200 rpm or scus
      1.5 pent CPU or better
      As with any software – defrag and reboot prior to install.
      End task any other programs running that don’t need to
      ( should leave you with explorer and sytry ) “install now”

      Rebot,,, defag,,, get patches/updates.

      I never had to do some of these crazy fixs some suggest
      such as registy edits …etc.. However for some ???
      Just my experence I’ve had Dude , for about 5 years now …
      peace out

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      Well, I am computer programer for last 9 years. So I am sure I am pick the basic operations very quickly. I have budgeted to spend up to $3000 for the software package. I have 3GB RAM PC. Even it took time I need get into latest and greatest editing

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      I agree with Compusolver; I would go with Premiere Pro or AVID Xpress.

      My reasoning is simple; Final Cut Pro was modeled after AVID, which is the big industry standard. Premiere Pro was modeled after Final Cut Pro.

      Thats pretty much why.

      I assume you don’t want the full AVID package as it is very expensive, but you can pick up express at a reasonable price if you are serious about editing.

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      Another option if you want to go with something but don’t have so much money, is premiere elements. i’ve never used it (premiere pro myself) but i’ve heard a lot of good things about the usabilitiy and functions. personally i’ve only heard a lot of complaints about the newest version of pinnacle (10 plus) so i wouldn’t suggest it myself.

      adobe has a great deal with the tryout versions (other companies might also do this) so you can download the full version and use it for 30 days before it stops working. beware though, if you do that and decide to buy the full version, uninstall the tryout BEFORE trying to install the full version. i wasted most of a day because my comp wouldn’t let me uninstall the tryout OR install the full because of that conflict.

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      Yes, I agree you should go ahead and get the more advanced software even though it will have a steep learning curve. If you get a budget program you will quickly outgrow it and end up buying the better one anyways, and the learning curve will still be there. I recently upgraded to Sony Vegas 6, all I can say is WOW! Creatively, I finally feel free to manipulate anything I want in the video and I’ve just begun to realize some of the many functions in this software. I say save the $100 you’d spend on the budget program and buy something more usefull with the money.

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      Hey guy’s
      all good comments. and excellent suggestions….
      However not knowing alot of info or phille.
      Shoot why stop here.

      scrape the pc , get an Imac loaded with final cut.
      then you can do ” finding nemo II ”

      LOL chaz

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      I’m already doing Finding Nemo II, how about you start on Nemo III

      Hey if you have the money for the bigger program go for it. BUT BUT BUT what do you want to create? Why spend 1000,s of dollars on program(s) if you are going to do just basic stuff?

      I have heard nothing but bad reports on Studio 10 too. My 9 Plus with 9.4.3 upgrade is very stable – lucky me by the sounds of it.

      Agreed, if you are doing animation and thinking you may go into making money with your creativity then go for the high end programs. Take your tiime, learn the program keep it fun.

      Great to get every ones input – this has helped me along the way too.
      I have a friend – yes I do – surprise, surprise. Tony O’Connor- he is a well know musician here in Oz. Tony does relaxation music etc. http://www.tonyoconnor.com.au anyway he is producing DVD as well and won’t use anything, but the Mac system – ribs me over XP PC system.

      Hmmmm Thinking about it.

      Maybe I will create “Finding the little mermaid in the lost city of Atlantis with I Robot as my guide”

      Dream on………

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