Which MacPro for Final Cut and Sony EX1 in 720p

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      Need to decide quickly on which MacPro to buy for editing with FCP, footage from the XDCamEX1R mainly 720p.

      As well asmixed content from a number of sources e.g. MPEG2, MPEG MTS, flash, …
      What is most important: clock or cores?
      Hard drives internal and/or external? SSD for system?
      internal Raid?

      Westemere 3,33 6 core or 8-core Westemere 2,4 ?

      16 Gb for sure.

      monitoring output : not using Apple screen !?

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      AvatarGrinner Hester

      the latest and greatest with your favorite firewire drive will be fine, man.

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      thanks grinner!

      Considering prices for New MacPros, it’s not obvious that you should go for the hightest number of core and GHZ… it’s mainly my question: what’s should be considered first : GHz or Cpu/cores ?

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      Just make sure it’s at least a dual core (has two cores) with a processor speed of 2.0GHz or more 2GB+ RAM. That’s the rules I play by.

      The one you mentioned up above should handle it.

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