Which Mac is best for me?

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      I was gonna have a custom computer built for editing. But found out here in my local area, Mac is the standard everyone uses. And if it requires more, you rent it. And realized i should get a mac. I will get a nice discount due to accademic pricing on all software and computers i get. But stuck on which Mac model I should get.

      I’d like to get a Mac Mini. Since I’m looking at price first. It’s a desktop, but still portable if needed. But does it have the Memory, graphic and processing power to edit video with Adobe Premiere, and other Production Suite Apps? I think it does. But id like to make sure before i go out and get one.

      The other option I’m looking at is a Macbook Pro. As it has the 8 gigs of memory without getting the full blown mac pro…which i do NOT have the money to get no mater how much I’d like to have it. But its a considerable price increas just to have the extra 4 gigs of memory that the Mac Mini cant have (The Macbook pro im looking at even has the same graphics card as the Mini.)

      Or could i just get a plain old Macbook for full portability? does that have the power to use Production Premiere and company? Thanks to anyone who can help me

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      What exactly are you going to be editing? Are you a professional videographer or a Dad looking to play with some home movies. Do you have any experience on a MAC? If you are a PC guy and are only looking at switching because apparently that is what they do in your area? Or are you switching because you really want to switch?

      The nice thing about MACs is that they only have 5 different models. Granted each model has different amounts of memory/processor power/HDD space. As opposed to PC’s where there are 500 different models.

      MAC ProThis is the full-on pro computer probably not worth your money if you’re doing home editing.

      MACBookI wouldn’t even bother.

      iMACThis is a good desktop for the average and above average user

      MAC Mini I’d say this is the desktop equivalent of the MACBook Pro. Yes they are portable but don’t forget, you would also have to transport the monitor, keyboard, mouse, etc. So is it really that portable.

      MACBook Pro If you’re looking for power and portability than this is what you need.These are awesome and if you get a educational discount can be very affordable. I am a professional videographer and use mine to edit on the go. They are very fast and inexpensive to upgrade. The MAC store gave me some partner web addresses to upgrade. http://www.crucial.com/ &http://www.macsales.com/. I was able to buy a new 500GB hard drive and 4GB of memory for just about nothing as opposed to at the MAC store. Bottom line is they are fast. I would highly recommend on if you’re looking for portability.

      Remember, you can dual boot a MAC with Window. Or if you purchase the 3rd party application you can run Windows from inside OSX and not have to worry about dual booting.

      Good luck.

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      Luis Maymi LopezLuis Maymi Lopez


      I have a Macbook Pro with 4 GB of RAM and I can run Premiere and After Effect without any mayor problems. In Premiere when you add color correction and among other effects the playback speed slow down a bit, but it works well. In After Effect is the same thing, the effects previews take some time to see it real time, but again you can work with it smoothly. I like the Macbook Pro a lot and the only problem is that it only have two USB ports and sometimes with some pendrives you cannot connect two USB devices at the same time because the pendrive takes too much space. This can be resolve using a USB cable extension. Two USB ports can be troublesome depending of what video production you are working, but there are many accessories that you can add up to the Macbook Pro to improve it and the OS rarely freezes. In general you will need a lot of hardrive memory and if its in your budget buy one with lots of it. I love to editing in the Macbook Pro and I have Windows on Boothcamp (it works horrible). I haven’t had any regrets with the Macbook Pro.

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      I use macbooks (older ones, not the latest models) with 2 gigs ram, external firewire hd’s, and an external tv/computer monitor with adaptor.

      They work fine with FCE and while the macbook pro’s are worth the money, the macbooks are capable.

      I’d skip the mini, by the time you buy what it’s missing, you’d be in macbook prices anyways….

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      Well, I would say that the mac mini would not be powerfull for what you need to do. If you really need portabillity, go with the macbook pro. The macbook will not work well for you. I would consider the iMac pretty portable. You just bring it and a keyboard and mouse (wireless ones included) and you’re set. It has a great screen and has a hard display to break (covered by plastic). I think for you the decision would come to an imac for semi portabillity, or a macbook pro for complete portabillity.

      Let us know what you get and how it works for you.

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      Thanks to everyone! really appreciate the help. I was going for mac mini just for cost effective, but if you have to shell out the same amount as a macbook pro to get the mini up to scale. then ill just go with the macbook pro.

      I don’t know exactly what ill be editing yet. When I graduate ill be doing anything to make cash locally. The hope is to jump into an indie career with local Indie film producer connections I have here.

      But the plan is I want a system that is semi portable, and can handle my own small scale production needs for my own projects, or small profit. and if i need any serious equipment cause I am working with a producer…I’ll just rent equipment cause, it would have a budget. So I think macbook pro is all I need for now. Thanks again to everyone. You have all been a big help.

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