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Which is the best way to add captions and subtitles?

Home Forums Technique Editing Which is the best way to add captions and subtitles?

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    Hi. I am trying to find an answer to this question but never imagine it was so difficult to find it.

    I make independent documentaries and videos edited with Adobe Premiere CS3. I want to add subtitles in different languages. Not permanent: I want to do it in a way similar to commercial DVDs, where the viwer can turn them on/off, change the languages, etc.

    Also, not only for DVD, it is important for me that they subtitles work in YouTube.

    Thank you!

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    I am looking for the way to do this in Sony Vegas.

    Have you tried the Premiere forum?

    If not them,

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    This is the Adobe forum Norman 😉

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    I have tackled subtitiling in encore and it works very nice but the challenge is I can I cant link or select the language I want but the subtitling is on and off only and only french

    apears,. I need to know how to link the sbuttling button on the menu and select the langauge I want.give me youremail I can send you the information to get where I am so long.

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    Hi Chuck.

    >>This is the Adobe forum Norman 😉

    Sorry. I did not know. I always go from the ‘Latest Discussions’ section.

    I hope you get it worked out.


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    Hi Norman, thought you might have been lost 🙂

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    Well, I have been accused of that, and recently; but mostly I just want to figure out how to do closed captions for the hearing impaired, and will be very interested to know if you guys can figure out how to do that in Premiere.

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    You can do subtitles in Encore, not Premiere. That is similar to closed captioning.

    I believe closed captioning is done with a whole other piece of equipment and software. Would subtitles suit your purpose do you think?

    We have an Encore Guru at the Muvipix forum, stop by and say hi.

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    I can do subtitles in Vegas. I guess I was looking for closed captions, but I hear the software and equipment is expensive…so for now I will stick with subtitles.


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    Here’s a link on creating subtitles. Here’s another link.

    Here’s a link on Closed captions.

    It can be done, but it’s a lot of work. The links above mostly use free software, but there may be easier ways to do this if you fork out cash for something.

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    If you want the viewer to be able to turn the subtitles on and off you probably won’t be able to do it with pure video alone. The reason subtitling works with dvd is that in addition to video and audio information of the dvd you have additional data (like subtitles) and an authoring environment that makes it interactive.

    I beleive you would probably need to have the video file embedded into an authoring environment like Flash or Silverlight to be able to have user controllable subtitles with a video file.

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    Just for information, I found a nice freeware programme called Subtitle Workshop, from Uruguayans programmers.

    Probably not for a big budget movie but works perfectly for YouTube. Haven’t tested on DVD yet.

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    Few years ago I worked on a multilanguage project and use at this time Ulead Workshop this was a program than we canselect as example En, Fr, Ge etc… for the language and do same for title En, Fr, Ge etc… I don’t know if Corel offer this program?

    For subtitle I recommand Ingscribe you can use the demo ( cannot save but copy paste) or buy the version for $99 easy to use



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