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      Hi I am wondering what software I would be best for me (as in ease of function) and for my main project. I’m currently working on my friend’s wedding video and then later working on a Legend of Zelda fan film. My camera is a JVC Everio and my computer is a Lenovo 3000 with an updated graphics card. I also have a 1TB external hard drive with a BD drive on the way. I will also be including the Auzen X-Fi when available. So what I need the software to do is animated text. the ability to have the video audio, mic voice over, sound effects (captured or stored clips), and music tracks to have simultaneous playback at different levels and channels (5.1 or better surround). Also green screen effects with the possibility of CGI. The CGI depends on if I can find some one to do it for the love of it. I might have bitten off more than I can chew so I’ll have to ask for help from time to time.

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      I don’t know it, and am not familiar with it, but a LOT of people here and elsewhere speaking highly of Sony’s Vegas software. Might be the place to start, or start looking. Try a search here, for Vegas or Sony Vegas, or on Google.

      I’m Mac centric, with Final Cut Pro, myself, but only because I started with Mac when it was less than a 512K box, although a LOT has changed since then. Familiarity and ease of use has kept me here. If I were to hop platforms, Vegas is probably where I would start myself; or Edius.

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      I would agree with EarlC I use Vegas 8 and love it.. It will do all that you need in editing video and sound and the cost is half what the others sell for if you are on a tight budjet. Plus Vegas has an easier learning curve than some of the other NLE’s I have used Final Cut and like it as well. Good luck to ya

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      I use and LOVE Vegas but others will say the same of their software – It is a highly personal and subjective choice.

      I would suggest you download and try several trial versions (they all have ’em) and see a) what meets your budget needs and b) what you like best.

      Sony has fully functional thirty day free trials of all their software – You can download here:


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      As an editor for ten years, I have worked with many different systems from Avid to Premiere to FCP to Vegas to you name it… I highly recommend FCP to anyone that wants to complete their project in the shortest amount of time possible. The keyboard shortcuts will save you hundreds of clicks if you just read the list. Happy to share what I know. Let me know if you have any questions about certain shortcuts.


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