Which handheld wireless microphone?

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I'm on the lookout for a handheld wireless microphone to improve the audio of my videos. My camera has no jack for a wiredmicrophone, neither do any of the cameras in my price range in the UK.

Two questions;

* Could anyone recommend a wireless microhone which plugs into acomputer?

* Is it feasible to try and sync this audio with video using video editing software>

Many thanks from Joe a new member :)

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 Welcome!  In the low-cost arena there are a number of choices from Zoom (the H1, H2 and H2n) and from Tascam (DR 05, DR 07 mkII, DR 08, etc.) all of which should be under a hundred quid.

As for syncing, it isn't too difficult, but there is dedicated software (Pluraleyes) that will do it for you.  HTH.