Which Format To Use To Create DVD?

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       I’m seeking some assistance in the following:

      1. My main interest is to ‘burn’ DVD’s. In this respect, which format should I use?

      A. I’ve tried using MPEG conversion via Video Ts_ Files, and lost 10 seconds at the beginning, otherwise o.k.

      B. I then used MP4 to convert Video Ts_Files. I did not lose the 10 seconds at the beginning, and everything is fine.

      C. There are various formats, MPEG, FLV, MP4, etc. I find HTML 5 too slow in converting and see no difference in quality.

      Case in point, If I download videos from YouTube, either in FLV, or MP4, I have to convert them prior to burning to DVD. I can convert FLV directly to DVD, as well as MP4, via the conversion process. “If I download in FLV format and convert to MP4 prior to burning DVD, will this degrade the video? Or, should I just transfer the video file, (FLV or MP4), directly to DVD?

      Naturally, these files can play on any standalone DVD player. Can anyone elaborate on this subject to provide information. By the way, this is my first post. I thank you and would truly appreciate any help.   

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      Are you editing original footage or just pulling stuff off the web?

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      You will never get quality footage if you pull stuff off of YouTube to put onto a DVD. Sorry but a plain truth. If you shoot it yourself then we can talk.

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      Sorry you found our responses ‘ridiculous’. You didn’t give enough info and you didn’t answer the questions. If you are working with original or stock footage, it will be easier to give you an answer. If you’re just another joker looking to scam footage online to pirate, no one’s going to want to help you.

      So, what editing software are you using? That’s the best place to start for figuring out answers.

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       That’s quite a response from a moderator. I’m not looking to scam or ‘pirate’ any video. All video does not contain a copyright, nor are we infringing uopon anyone’s rights. You should walk with S.O.P.A. This outfit would suit you quite well. Irrespective of this, I asked “questions” and received further questions which were irrelevant and really contained no significant bearing to culminate the sum.

      You again allude to which editing software I use after lambasting me, claiming that I am a ‘pirate’, which is untrue. I really seek “nothing” from someone like you.

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      Mike, the sum of your questions appear to be based on WANTING to RIP existing content … something the community HERE isn’t likely to want to help you on. As far as “all video does not contain copyright” actually ALL video, all creative content does, but some content, and due to other elements of the copyright regulations, may wind up in public domain. It isn’t likely that such “freely available” copyright released material would be THAT difficult to acquire, negating the requirement for ripping software that is freely accessible for anyone wanting it or needing it for whatever the reasons may be … personal library, distribution among friends and contacts, or openly pirating and selling or otherwise attempting to make a buck off somebody else’s creative work.

      And yes some of us are moderators … that is WHAT we do, “moderate” so occasionally when a person might have a questionable approach to things that smacks of copyright infringement or pirating or any other form of misappropriation, unless OUR questions to YOUR questions are answered … rather than shooting cheap shots (S.O.P.A. for example, and other RETORTS) … in a straightforward matter I sort of validates the stated concerns.

      NOBODY HERE is going to help you rip off or pirate stuff … there’s plenty of sources and people “out there” who will but nobody on these forums. If we’ve misjudged you too harshly then be a bit more forthcoming with the kind of information needed to set you on a positive path.

      In all probability this thread is going to go downhill from here. If it does I’ll toss it. Keep it sane, cooperative and as professional as possible. It is my humble opinion that if anything Composite1 said has ruffled your feathers perhaps you’re not wanting to be THAT straightforward with any of us either.

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      As a Moderator, it is my responsibility along with the others to filter out suspicious individuals and content. This forum is free of such things because of moderator diligence. Members are welcome to ask questions for any legitimate endeavor involving the video/film production industry and will receive the best answer possible.

      What members will not receive, is information which will assist them in unintentional or intentional piracy or theft of copyrighted materials. For the record, I am an opponent of the SOPA/PIPA bills. That doesn’t mean I want pirates ripping off mine or anyone else’s copyrighted work.

      I have made two genuine attempts to answer your questions, yet you still haven’t made mention of what editing platform you use, whether the footage was shot by you or not and what format the original is. Without this information no one can give you a definitive answer as these are technical questions by which a solution can be established.

      All you have done so far is raise mine and others suspicions as to your true motives. Again, if all you are looking for is how to RIP stuff from the web or whatever you are in the wrong place.

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       @Earl C- Thank you very much for the semi-thesis you presented regarding my inquiries. It is most understandable to protect this website from intruders looking to move in the wrong direction. However, my interest was merely seeking OPEN information, which is presently that , Open to all. We find nothing inappropriate as to the details we were seeking regarding formats. In all reality, all my answers were appropriately addressed in the Sevenforums, and without; may I add any suspiscion, or negativity by anyone.

      One more thing, we do not care for any kind of “Threats” by anyone, especially those whom are trying to make a mountain out of a molehill.

      You, and composite 1 appear to be alluding to pirated videos, illegal activity, suspiscion, and much ado about nothing. In all reality, this is what the bottom line remains, ‘Nothing’.

      If you feel the need of power, like enjoyment, seek continually bashing others, please feel free to de-activate my account at your pleasure. May Yahweh bless you, as well as the staff and personnel.

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