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      I exported this video out of Final Cut Pro in AVI and it became a bit blurry. Can anyone recommend a format to export in without the video becoming blurry. I filmed on a JVC Everio.

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      Export at higher bitrate.

      25Mbps DV-AVI will do just fine.

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      You’ll find better results with like an mpeg4. You can spit out a full rez versionw ithout taking up too much space. Youtube will do what it will but has to have the info to do it. Mind the aspect ratio…

      Often, I’ll use quicktimes at 3000kbs. Vimeo treats em very nice and youtube then has all the handles it needs to make it’s best.

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      Make sure you are also exporting it in the same frame rate. If you have a project that is 24p and you rendering it out in 30p it can pull down your resolution.

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