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      I have been making short movies for 4 years with my Dell computer and Studio Pinnacle 12 software. I have had more than my share of frustrations with these two and I am ready to upgrade. Cost is not really that big of an issue for me but I do not want to over build my system either.

      Should I go with a Mac or PC, desktop or notebook? and which software program? I really like the work done with Adobe after effects so I am leaning towards Adobe Premiere.

      Any advice is welcomed


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      iMac’s current models are powerful enough, and you get free software to mess with when you want to get away from your Adobe Premiere programs.

      Also the Mac Powerbooks are pretty powerful as well, and with external hard drives so affordable, a solid basic editing environment if you want (or need) to go portable.

      There’s plenty to pick from in the PC arena as well. They’ll pipe in on this thread any minute now 😉

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      “They’ll pipe in on this thread any minute now….”


      That’s good advice from an experienced and respected Mac guru. Things are so similar between the two platforms now with hardware the only diff now is just the software. If you get cross-platform software then the differences diminish further. At the higher ends Mac’s and PC’s cost the same and you’ll get what you pay for from the top PC co’s.

      So it really comes down to what you want to use. Since you’re not doing this for a living, it wouldn’t kill you to do some experimenting to the point your wallet will allow. Just make sure you check the specs on whatever you plan on getting vs the requirements of any software you’re looking at. If you’re looking to work with AFX and other Adobe products, you’re going to need some specific hardware in your rig like a GPU, RAM and CPU. Those can get pretty expensive whether you get a pre-built rig or build your own.

      And yes you can build your own mac again. Just not legally.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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