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      We produce animated video clips for use in editing, projection, etc. at http://www.perigeeanimationstudios.com and were wondering what formats you editors would prefer to use?

      Currently our content are rendered as 720×480 NTSC DV AVI’s

      Would editors prefer them rendered with the Field Order as lower field first or progressive?

      What other formats would be needed?

      Please let us know and we will try to accommodate.

      There are a few Free Clips available here http://www.perigeeanimationstudios.com/freedownloads.html in various formats if you care to try them out.

      Note: The Photo-Jpeg format was created for a High End Systems Catalyst Media Server so may not be for most users, unless there are some Mac editors here.

      Please let us know if the NTSC clips work for you.

      Thanks in advance.

      Axel G.

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      I am a motion graphics artist at a television station and i render out of after effects at 720×486 quicktime Animation+ or sometimes uncompressed AVI. The files are larger for uncompressed files but for broadcast the extra quality that they afford is necissary.

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