Which Canon camcorders do you own?

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      Hi, which Canon camcorders are in your repertoire and how did you come to choose them?

      Thanks, Pamela

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      I have a Canon HF11. I like the Canon HF11 because with a ratio of relative
      sensor area per pixel for video of (1/3.2in)^2/(2,070,000) it has better low
      light sensitivity than others in the Vixia series. Also it takes great HD video, has a HOT accessory shoe and it’s compact, about the size of a soda can.

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      HF S10

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      AvatarMoab Man

      I own three: FS200 (standard def), Vixia HF R10 (HD), and Vixia HF M30 (HD).

      While I don’t regret it, I had no other choice than Canon. I shoot product videos and needed a mic jack. However, I didn’t want a high end commercial camera due to the environment my equipment resides in – in other words, I don’t want to feel like I’m losing a limb when I have to dispose of my camera due to baby powder like sand. Point being, Canon was the only one offering a mic jack at this expense level.

      With all that said, I’m glad I ended up with Canon.

      Moab Man

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      A Vixia HF10 and a Vixia hf 200, and am quite happy with the video sharpness and quality these two cameras provide. I have shot product promos , did a multi cam shoot of a play, and done some videos for my church.

      I am also considering adding a third camera, the new Canon HF G10 or the XA 10 hd pro camera, since they will all have the same family of firmware I wont have to worry about footage looking very different from camera to camera

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      My first Canon was a ZR930 partly because I could not afford more and partly because it allowed for an external mic. It was an excellent purchase, not that I really understood that at the time.

      My next Canon was a HV40, which has been a workhorse for most of my projects. The quality being brilliant and ease of use just what I needed. I still use it on a daily basis.

      I have since bought the Canon HF S21, partly because I am now a Canon fan, and partly because of the larger LED screen which is useful for me a my age. It has turned out to be a good purchase as well.


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      I own an XL1, XL2, and an XH-A1S. I run a small media production company specializing in legal videography. I just bought the A1s for my corporate work and as a back-up for the legal work. Overall I’m very happy with the Canon line of cameras, I just wish I could have afforded the jump up to the XL-H1 just for the output jacks.

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      I have a XH-A1 and HV20which I use to capture XH-A1 tapes. I also use the HV20 as a camera B.

      Choosing the XH-A1 took me a while (3 years ago) agony actually! It’s been good though. Why Canon vs Sony or Panasonic (or anything else)though? That I couldn’t say. I like SONY, used to sell SONY 20 years ogo in my retail days, but I don’t default to buy their stuff (especially after the CD root-kit fiasco which illustrated to me they lost the integrity they once had). If I bought again, I’d certainly seriously consider the XF300 (though none of my filters would fit!)

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      This is interesting – I have exactly the same set-up as BruceMol. I have and XH-A1 and use a HV-20 the upload the tapes and use as a B camera.

      Current project: I capture Physics Labs using the two camera, build a DVD and give back to teacher(s) for their review.

      Most of the time we use the cameras to capture the mechanisms of a Trebuchet. We use the frame-by-frame mode to analyse what happend and what we need to change to improve – and yes – we throw pumpkins.


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      I have 3 Canon camcorder like many of you here. I have the Canon XHA1s, the Canon HF-S20 and the Canon HV 30. In my opinion, these camcorders are phenominal. I tend to use the XHA1s more than the others for capturing my video. I use the Canon HV 30 for transferring the data to my macbook and well, honestly, I probably wasted my money on the Canon HF-S20 because it doesn’t get used much at all. I don’t have a studio or anything like that. I am just trying to learn something new and hopefully put these camcorders to work.

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      I just picked up the Canon Vixia HF R100 and fora couple of reasons, 1 is the Mic Jack, 2 Headphone jack, and I really liked the videos I have seen on youtube of night scenese etc. The other reason is I have an Insignia 720p trigger pocket camcorder and figured if I want better quilty I need a better camera. Let alone I’m going to film a short film soon and figured this cam would do it I hope.

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      Just got the Canon XH-1As a couple weeks ago. I also have the Canon GL2. Both are really nice cameras but, boy is the XH-A1s a fantastic camera. It is hefty, but well built with a lot of flexibility in terms of options and capabilities. I am still working through the (M) manual mode with the iris and shutter speed – trying to learn the best settings for different conditions.

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      I just got the HFS100. This is an extreme upgrade from my Sanyo Xacti GH1, which I thought was a wonderful little HD camcorder for under $200. BUT, the HFS100 is in another league altogether. I wanted manual contol for DOF and the ability to add lenses. This camera hits the mark at 8 out of 10 on both counts. The main reason for the purchase, though, was the external mic jack. (YAY!)

      So far, this is the coolest thing I have ever owned.

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       I own a Canon HF-S20, its picture quality is great, and it has a aux in for external mics which is rare for a consumer camcorder to have.

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      Canon GL2
      Canon HF10
      Canon XH-G1
      Canon T3i (its a camera, but I mainly use it for vids)

      Shoot a lot of music vids, commercials and indie projects for the web. I use all of them with a DOF adapter (with the exception of the T3i of course). Also own a DVX100. Selling the DVX and the GL2 to purchase a Canon 5D. And prayerfully ill have enough saved this time next year to purchase a RED.

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      I own the Sony HDR-HC3 camcorder….. love it, and came across it second hand!!

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