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      Well it looks like I asked this question already sometime last month. I am going goofy. I have had some experience with a few of these cameras hence (probably the reason why I lost my memory)… I think what Im going to do is just rent out a camera and work with that until I am more effecient with video and then make my decision. Sorry for duplicating my question.

      Hi, Im preparing to shoot some cooking videos and have looked at the XL1, XL2, GL1, Panasonic AG-HVX200, JVC 110, etc. I like the XL1-XL2 but theyre too heavy (I love the pics though), the panasonic is awesome (Cinematic features are to die far) and I love the power of JVC 110 best but I don’t want or need the HD and then id need to spend extra money on the B-50, etc. I just want something easy to use, 3 chip (1/3 rd) and I don’t mind doing the transfer. I don’t need the extra gadgets to speed up the editing process. Am I looking at the wrong cameras. Should I just go with the Sony VX(TR?) 900? Thats not much of a camera is it? And is the GL1 enough? So confusing.. I would like the 24 p though….

      Im pretty confused on what to purchase and don’t mind spending less as I know I will need to buy a nice lighting system, etc.

      Can I be helped 😕 Thanks in advance

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      Cooking show, I assume that you will be on a tripod. One with wheels would give you flexibility to track in as well as zoom. Being on a tripod, no worries with the weight, right? This was your hangup with the XLI and II, very good choices for your project.

      If you are handheld you could get right on top of the food, except for steam, spray, juicy droplets trying to catch a ride on your lens. So I don’t recommend handheld for that reason, although a protection fllter is definitely advisable.

      Another thing about handheld, for this kind of subject, you will be doing a high ratio of close-ups. Camera unsteadiness is multiplied in ECU shots (Extreme Close Ups). You don’t want to give your viewers nausea before the very first bite!

      REGARDS … TOM 8)

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      Just getting the XL1/1 out of the bag was a bit much for me. And yes, the tripod was set up on a real nice tracking system. With cooking you have an upright mirror extended from the ceiling in which you can get incredible close up shots with.. no steam problems this way.

      Actually I am pretty steady and handy with the cameras.. Im impressing myself. Recently was ripped off buying a used camera from a supposed friend, but I was fortunate in this situation (knees on the ground with hands up in the air) and now just going to go with rentals. Once I start making money from this project I should have enough knowledge about cameras and money to buy top of the line.

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      If you liked the Panasonic HVX but don’t need the HD, have you looked at the DVX-100? The 24p is nice and will get you closer to the film look.

      Keep in mind that you can always down convert to SD from HD.

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