Which camcorder to get for short film making?

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      Hello, I’m new here, had a quick look at the forums and I like what I see. I hope this post is in the right forum section.

      I have been shooting video for a little while on the good old Sony VX-1000e and although I am very fond of that machine I am thinking of going for a good (prosumer?) camera and sound recording for further editing. I mostly make short films but I get the odd call for small weddings as well, and other small jobs. I would like a nice camera with a good sound setup as well, HD is not really an issue in my book, what is top of the list for me is a camera which makes good looking (film-look, or close to it) short films, which could be shown anywhere. Please feel free to recommend any brand, I’m not really loaded with money but I’m still ready to splash some dough for the right setup. My interests are mostly in writing, directing and editing, so I would like the camera and sound setup/mike to do most of the technical work for me 😉

      I hope this is enough information to throw some suggestions my way.

      All the Best,

      Sverrir from Iceland

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