Which Camcorder for fastmoving and distant objects

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      I need to perform flight characteristic evaluations of Radio Controlled (RC) Aircraft. The planes travel at 60 to 200+ mph and at distances up to 1/4 mile away but can close to 15-20 feet very quicky. I need a 10 to 20X optical zoom and very good image stabilization and autofocusing.

      The most import aspect is:
      1. I believe one needs manual control over shutter speed
      a. That is shutter priority and auto aperture control.
      2. Manual control over frame rate …. if possible.

      Jerkiness in the image is believed to be caused by:
      1. Camera motion/jitter when trying hold the image in frame center.
      2. Rapid plane motion, not only in a linear flight direction but also in any of the flight modes such as pitch, or yaw, or roll

      Any experience out there …….. what are your thoghts and suggestions?
      Budget: $500 to $1,500


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      Alright. First off you can take out the jerkiness problem by using a tripod. I don’t know if your using one or not but I just though I would throw that out there. If your using a small little canon tripod that was 69.95 or whatever they sell it for you should seriously consider renting a bogen or even a vinten for the day.

      Now about your budget. If you want something in the range of 1500 with a 20x zoom. I believe Sony PD-150’s / 170’s both have about a 12x optical zoom. If you want a telephoto lens you would have to increase your budget. If your willing to spend a few more thousand the most obvious choice would be the XL series. You can get an XL1s for about 3000, heck my roommate even found an XL2 for 2500 online. A quick search of yahoo shopping brought up these ten cameras. http://shopping.yahoo.com/s:DV%20Camcorders:04-Latest%20Price=800_:browsename=Over%20%24800:1024-Recording%20Format=Mini%20DV:1189-CCD%20Quantity=3.00_3.00:refspaceid=96307896;_ylt=AhK1eqV_MytWVYUB9r7X0f63v2UD;_ylu=X3oDMTBmNzVhaTljBF9zAwRzZWMDd2VzdG5hdg–?y=gg

      I do know the cameras I mentioned all have both manual and automatic settings for shutter and aperature.

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      Thanks for the reply, yours was the one and only.

      Tripods shots atr not very sucessfull. Even the “Outdoor” channel was hand holding their cameras at a recent event they video taped for their program. I ask them about the use of a tripod but they said the planes moved too fast and with too quick and abrupt changes in direction.

      I will look at the site you gave me.

      Thanks again.

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      Thanks Hank:

      I will look at the C7.

      If you would like to see some RC video, visit http://www.fllyingcirkus.com

      I believe that much of thier video was shot with “consumer” grade camera

      Thanks again.

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