which camcorder for Adobe Elements real time capture

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      I want to shoot a class I teach. I have it planned for three cameras, external mikes. and natural lighting indoors, no windows. I want to capture in real time from each camera to adobe premiere elements on a laptop with an external harddrive that I can take later and hook up to a bigger computer with Adobe premiere pro for final edit. I am having a hard time determining what camera to get and whether it will be compatible with the elements program. The laptops have firewire and usb2 ports. Do I need a camera with streaming video capabilities? I’ve been looking at Panasonic PV-GS180 , Sony DCR-HC96, DCR-HC42, DCRHC46.
      Will I need to change the disk every hour or so and stop filming or can I bypass recording to the camera and capture straight to the computer thereby avoiding the rendering time. Also I can plug the camera in to avoid using the battery. Do the Sony’s that have a docking station allow firewire hook up directly to the camera or do I have to dock it to transfer. All cameras will be on tripods. Thanks for your help. I’m a novice so please bear with my idiocy.

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