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      I’m looking to buy cams for my company and thought I’d ask you guys for some advice. We’ve been doing some video coverage filming the events that we run and we need to up our game a little. The videos are for internet upload so the end result will be fairly low resolution. What is important however is turnaround time from editing to upload. We have found that, with uploading video and then touchy editing software (Pinnacle Studio), our turnaround time is way too slow. Were going to invest in new software (probably Adobe premiere CS4 – We are PC based operation) and new equipment.

      Is there a broadcast/good quality camera that also support a quicker download facility for the raw data?

      You help would be most appreciated.



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      As I haven’t got any replies to this yet (is there anybody out there? 🙂 ) I though I’d put down a bit more about what we will be using the equipment for. My company runs games tournaments (both on XBox 360 and card games) and we would like to expand our current podcast service to include vidcasting. It would be great for players who are not at the venue to be able to see what is happeng at the event, especially if they have friends there. So the idea is to record footage and then upload vidcast to the games website at various stages throughout the day.

      I thought that might help people to get more of a flavour of what I need the equipment to do.



      PS I’ve been looking at the Panasonic AG-HMC71 AVCHD Camcorder. Any thoughts?

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      avchd is a very robust and difficult format to work with. I have seen some great vids on the web from SD cameras. The quality of the video depends on many factors not limited to the camera or format.

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      What i recommend is a camera that hooks up to your computer with USB cable, NOT firewire. Something such as the little Flip cameras, though probably not so cheap. I have a camera like a Flip, but it’s from Aiptek. Seriously, USB is faster than most people give it credit for. I go USB on everything from camera hook-ups to external drives and flash drives.

      For software, go with Adobe CS4 as you said, or Sony Vegas 8 Pro. Vegas doesn’t import your footage like most software programs do, in my opinion, and it is much faster to edit, add basic transitions andtweak your edits. The whole process is great from what I understand of your position.

      Go get ’em and good luck! chris

Viewing 4 reply threads
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