which antivirus is best

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      can some help me in choosing antivirus

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      you can just buy a mac and not worry about viruses…

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      Just get one, anyone…

      Macafee – cpu heavy, I usethis programbecause it comes free with comcast.

      Norton – cpu heavy

      Eset- cpu light – I like this program.

      free AVG – cpu moderate, but free.

      It’s also recommended to use spyware detection as well….but no matter how hard you try, it always seems like some little things get through that aren’t necessarilly viruses, but can cause minor problems or perform unnecessary processes…that’s why I like to wipe my operating system drive ever so often and start from scratch. (it’s really not that much of a pain it you have a decent process in place and everything is ready to go.)

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      Contrary to popular belief, Macs are not immune to viruses. Their saving grace, so far, is that they are a very lowportion ofover allPCs population being used today. Hackers/Virus writers go for what gives them the most “crime for their time”. Their focus is on the millions of possibles instead of the thousands.

      Macs are slowly being targeted as their population increases, and as a skill challenge to the hackers, but like MS based PCs of the distant past, these virus are pretty tame, for now.

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      The above post is correct with regards to Macs; as they become more prevalent you will see more viruses designed to target them.

      All of the A/V software listed by Coreece have their good and bad points. Ive been dealing with viruses and their removal since the early 90s. I would avoid the free AVG software as I have had to clean up a number of machines in the past year that were using it. Same with the Trend Micro product; I recently had to reload a system for a client because the A/V software itself was infected. You might want to check out the free PC Tools A/V software; Ive found several viruses with it that both McAfee and Norton missed.

      Ive found 2 good spyware removal products SpyBot S&D (safer-networking.org) and SUPERAntiSpyware (superantispyware.com). Both are free.

      Like Coreece, I reload my machine on a regular basis. It takes me less than hour to wipe the drive and reload; then its just a matter of re-applying updates. At least once a year I re-image the drive after all the updates have been applied just to cut down on the time it takes to deal with the microsoft crap.

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      You might want to check out the free PC Tools A/V software; Ive found several viruses with it that both McAfee and Norton missed.”

      Thanks…I’ll have to check it out.

      I also like the added support of spybot S&D as you recommended along with it’s tea timer….

      As far as AVG…I alsonoticed it being somewhat of a nuisance, but I thought that was just because it was free…lol….good lookin’ out.

      Best regards

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      We’ve recently moved to AVG (paid version) from Norton and so far it’s been pretty good on our 32-64 bit systems. Spybot is a very good program though a bit pushy like an overprotective mother-in-law. Window Defender (does that even do anything besides take up resources?) Avoid Computer Associates Software (CA) like the plague. The one of two viruses we ever got hit with blew through CA like snot through wet tissue paper! I also agree with scheduled drive wipes. Just make sure you save your files and downloaded licenses to a non-OS drive (because it gets wiped.) I’ve had clients that didn’t do that and couldn’t understand where their files went.

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      Luis Maymi Lopez

      I use Zone Alarm Internet Security Suite. I had CA antivirus and my computer almost die (I had to re installed Windows to fix it), I dont reccomend it at all. Check out Zone Alarm is a good antivirus.

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      I like esets nod32 works well .

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      For what it’s worth, I have been hit under Norton, hit under McAfee, and I loved Zone Alarm, but it is not compatible with my Vista x32 system. It kept on crashing it. So I switched to paid AVG Internet Security Suite, and have had no problems so far. It seems to work good on both my 32and 64 bit systems.

      I am sure others have had different experiences, but those are mine.


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      I have had good luck with Trend Micro PC-Cillin. I don’t like McAfee, primarily because if you remove it, to completely get it off your system, you have to go through loads of registry files to completely wipe it off. I have heard good things about Avast.

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