Where/how does one find a mentor?

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      EarlC posted an interesting start on linking Videomaker to your social sites to draw more participants to the forum. In that he alsobrought upmentors.

      The mention of Mentors brings up a question I have been trying to form for a while. I hope I am making some sense.

      Where/how does one go about finding a mentor? And how do you know that individual is a good match and is working with you? Someone that is giving you good one-on-one adivce and direction. I know that there is somewhat a burden put on the one doing the mentoring, and it takes a special type of person,as it becomes an extra duty added to an already busy environment.

      This forum does a level of mentoring in that people can ask questions and get pretty good answers in a short period of time. It does it in a way that does not seem intimidating like some of the other forums I have participated in. Thereare actual constructive discussions going on and seldom is anyone made to look foolish.

      I personally want to avoid the annoying one line answers that seem prevalent at times and insteadhave more information on the why or why not of things. Someone that can talk down a level or three to better explain things as they come up.

      Again I don’t know if any of this makes senseand apologize if it seems to be rambling on.I do hope it generates some answers or additional questions.

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      I agree that this site has provided me a great deal of mentoring. And you raise a great question where and or how does one find a mentor.

      I just wanted to say that for me I found my one on one mentor by volunteering with our media team at church. My mentor who is much younger than I am works full time in the corporate video world. He always has time to to answer questions for me and explain things so that they are easy to understand.

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      “You will find a master when you are ready…”


      Not wanting to sound like a cliche’ martial arts flick, but the sentiment is correct. Finding a good mentor as you’ve learned isn’t easy as just asking for one. What’ll happen is during your learning and working process, you’ll ‘put yourself’ in a place where you just run into a mentor. I know that doesn’t sound logical at all, but it’s been my experience. I’ve had lots of mentors and every time I met one I was ‘ready’ at that time to learn what they had to teach. Now, not every mentor is going to be a good one but you can still learn from them even if it is only ‘what not to do’.

      Like Cville mentioned with volunteering, you’ll just have to put yourself in places where pros are likely to be. Seminars, training courses, conventions, exhibitions and so on are really good places to start. Above all, don’t go specifically to ‘find a mentor’ ’cause you won’t. It’s kind of like that Zen puzzle that says, “Try to find inner peace and you won’t.” Just go to learn what you can and network with the people at the event. More than likely someone who could be a mentor or can point you in the right direction will show up when you least expect it.

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      Luis Maymi Lopez

      I also agree about this forum, is an excellent source of information. I have a couple of mentors (film professors in the university) which I discuss my ideas and some projects. They review my scripts, give me recommendations and put me in contact with other people. As important as their advice are I consider that the most important mentor is the legal counselor. I don’t make any serious project without consulting the legal counselor because they put all the good/bad things that could happen on the table with no hard feelings. They will tell you exactly what you need (legally of course) so you will not get in trouble and they don’t care if you need a 3ccd camera or some $1000 lights, they will tell you to insured your camera and insured your talent just in case the $1000 lights falls on their head. Right now I’m working on a serious project which there are many legal stuff that are driving me crazy, but in the end it will be well worth.

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      There is an apparent “natural” flow from mentor to “mentoree” in my experience and I’ve had that kind of relationship with a few “mentorees” here and there over the years – some drop off or grow beyond my capacity for helping, others hang on until I push them out of the nest and tell them to fly.

      It is truly as Composite says, a thing that happens in its right time, and the connections come naturally as well. “Bad fits” and there are those, do not last – the culling process is just as natural as the coming together.

      Some are rewarding, others frustrating. Some are truly willing to accept and appreciate and understand and run with what is shared or given, understanding that in the final analysis they have to blend and fit what the mentor shares into their own approach, and to their own satisfaction.

      The most important element of a mentor/mentored relationship is the establishment of TRUST.

      Not all of us are grasshoppers or Yoda. Like that famous movie scene where the teacher goes with the “wipe on, wipe off” routine and the student is perplexed with the application of it from waxing an old car to martial arts…

      …the mentored sometimes (we’re talking trust here) has to simply take what is being taught, knowing that he or she will eventually understand, appreciate and use the application of it.

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      http://www.loveitforward.org – Everyone now has the opportunity to have online mentors to help them achieve their goals. L.O.V.E.

      Learn your purpose

      Organize your passion

      Volunteer your gift

      Engage your heart

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      Good question. I think being willing to seek out a mentor and having the discipline to be consistent is key. I’m learning a lot so far, so I hope to get a mentor myself one day… wish me luck!!

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