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      so, I’ve made a few of my own animated shorts, and some weird silly comedies with my friends, but i wanna step up. If I’m going to make a career out of this (I’m still in college) I’m going to need to get a little more serious. The problem is, no one elsethat I know seems totake any of this seriously, they buy all the gear but when we go out to make something, the guys end up just taking the camera off the tripod and run around screaming. Now as much as that’s funny it’s not gonna get any of us any better at movie making.

      So I want to make my own short, probably comedy, direct and edit it myself. But how do I start getting a crew of people together who are dedicated, and want to do things at least a bit properly?

      Is there a website/forum for this kind of thing?
      oh yeah, Im in the UK by the way.

      Thanks in advance for any advice.

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      I just make my movies alone. I am a loner when it comes to art/media and I can’t stand how others do their job. Besides, I can do their job better, even along with my own job as Director. If you are interested in this, a good book is “Rebel without a Crew” by Robert Rodriguez.

      Whether or not you agree with the above,a good magazine is The Director’s Chair, a free ezine that’s emailed to you about once a month. I really like it. http://www.actioncutprint.com

      Dreammaker films is a growing job finding/networking site. http://www.dreammakerfilms.com/

      DVproffesionals is another, more for talking to others/asking questions. http://www.dvprofessionals.com/

      What kind of thing are you really looking for?

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      Thanks alot dude πŸ˜€

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      Luis Maymi Lopez

      Hey Chris, I also believe that I could do a much better job than other people and I demand that people working with me do an excellent job (but sometimes some people are just too lazy to do things right)

      Now Marc, in some movies you will definitely going to need a crew of people that could work with the same energy that you work. I make an extremely evaluation when I pick people that could work in my crew and I test people with simple task to know if they are worthy enough to make a good job. Tasks like what they think about something, telling them to organize a group of people, giving them a task that makes them feel important. The last one is a good technique because people feel that they need to prove themselves worthy in front of other people and not just to the director. Of course as a director you are always the one in charge and don’t let people take your job. Also you must let your crew know the difference between working and having a good time. In order to direct properly you must have a strong personal authority so people could see you as the leader to follow. When directing you cannot be soft with people, you cannot be weak at all (because people will treat you like a weak helpless person), you cannot do what everyone wants, and you always follows what is written in the script. Don’t be afraid of being an authority figure and if you need to tell off a person just do it, and always be the director.

      I have directed a few video productions and shows, and sometimes people don’t want to do anything so I begin to get rougher than usual and this way people react and work. The roughness does not last much and to counterpart this I take a few people of the group that I think are worthy and make them leaders. Making people leaders makes your job a lot easier and moves the production a lot faster. So in my experience, directing is having authority, a lot of knowledge dealing with people, being good with cameras, video editing, lighting, etc and being able to created leaders.

      Hopes this helps


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      If I used a crew, I’d do what you do, Luis.

      I was considering hiring one guy to do lights and camera for one project, so I could do audio/directing on production; I think this is a good way to go. 1) Audio is what really helps make the movie in the end, and who is more important to judge the audio, than the Director? and 2) Most people I’d hire would rather do lights and camera anyway.

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      Check out the 48 Hour Film Project ( http://www.48hourfilm.com ), an annual competition held in several cities world-wide (including London and Edinburgh). It’s a great way to meet people who want to act or crew.


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      hey thanks a lot guys

      That 48 hour film project looks like a lot of fun, I could learn a lot! My brother stays in edinburgh so i guess I could give it a shot

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      I am looking to film a documentary on Boxing which will include shooting in less than great light.

      can anyone reccomend a good camera for this.

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