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      I am a wedding videographer. I just have a small business, My Wife and myself.

      I have spoken to some photographers and videographers around town. The smaller ones not the big companies with studios and offices.

      I don’t have an office but I need somewhere to meet my potential clients. I have been meeting them at The local Barnes and Noble COffee shop which is where many of the the local video and photo people meet their clients.

      My problem is, I am starting to get calls from some more important/wealthier people in town and I don’t think, meeting at a coffee shop is very professional.

      My question is, where do many of you who have been doing this for a while meet. I was thinking about going to their homes. Is that a good idea? Bad? what else might I try?


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      I have a couple tips.
      1) meet at thier homes/businesses. promote yourself as being willing to go that extra mile for thier convenience. (get a projectoer!)
      2) Make arrangements to do coffee at places that also cater to your types of clients.. (I have an arrangement a a country club that hosts receptions, as well as a bussiness that has a fine european restaurant attached to an antique shop, with it’s own private art gallery….the owners also own a lifestyle magazine…).
      3) set your client meetings up for one weekend out of the month, and book a restaraunt that has banquet facilities, and set up your own art gallery for an afternoon. (I do Photo and video, so this works great for me to show large prints and video/slideshows.)

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      Try a virtual office (google virtual offices and you’ll get a bunch).

      What you get is a small room with electric, phone and broadband, desk, chair, not much else for a fairly low price (depends on the area but figure around $300/month for a small one). Most have additional facilities for rent (like large conference rooms complete with A/V solutions) for extra $$$.

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      An upscale coffee shop or meeting in their homes should work just fine. Remember that the client is paying for you, not your facilities. Or at least that’s the way it should be. It’s been a while since I’ve produced a wedding video, but I can honestly say that I did $500,000 in business a year with a major health care insurance provider out of the front two rooms in my house. And they often pulled in my drive way, stepped over my kid’s skateboard in the yard and gladly sat with me in the make shift studio as I put together their video projects. Their revenue enabled me to move to a nice downtown studio location just across the street from them but the point is that if your work is good, where you work shouldn’t matter….IF you do your best to make your work space as professional as possible.

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      Thanks for the responses. they were all very helpful. I have been discussing this with my wife as well. I like the idea about the satilite office.

      But for the time being, I am going to either meet the customer at their home, or at the site of the event venue. Luckily I get a lot of work from our local greek orthodox church. My sister’s Father-in-law is the priest there and he (and the church members) have been giving me a lot of business. So it really isn’t a problem with meeting at the church.

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