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      hello, all! I’m looking for a place to hold a production meeting. I ws thinking of doing it at my house, or at a park, but these don’t seem like good locations, so I was wondering if maybe there’s places in particular where meetings can be held.

      I’m not expecting a place in particular as an answer, of course, but maybe just the kind of places hwere such a meeting could be held.



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    It depends on the client. Sometimes I have them come over to my home office, and we have a meeting in my editing bay. Some folks like to see “where the magic happens” so to speak. At other times, I’ve met clients and potential clients at coffee shops or restaraunts, but remember that in these cases, if they order anything you should be willing to pick up the tab. It just looks better. If you really wanted to, I see corporate spaces that rent by the hour advertised here, but that would be my last resort.

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    Well I’m not really meeting with clients, I’m meeting with my crew members.

    I was thinking about asking my local library if they could lend me at least part of their meeting space/office for the meeting, but I really tihnk that’s not gonna happen.

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    Eh, you’d be surprised. A lot of libraries actually have conference rooms. Now, they might want to charge for their use if it’s a big enough meeting, but it’s worth a shot.

    I don’t think where you meet is as important as the impression you give during the meting. Somebody who’s acting like he doesn’t know what he’s doing in an office setting is still going to look like he doesn’t know what he’s doing. On the flip side, if you have all your stuff together, you could probably meet behind a dumpster at the local mall and your crew will listen to you.

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    Yeah, yeah I know what you mean. Well I just didn’t want to do it at my house since it’s sort of small, is all. I just wanted to have some more room for the meeting.

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    A lot of times you can get a private room at some retaurants if you buydinner. If you buy dinner you may be able to get some extra crew members.:)

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    Thanks for the help, guys. I’m gonna go inquire at the local library and then see where I go from there.

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