Where to get training to use a Hpx170?

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Ok, Im just a momand I recently inherited an hpx170 and I'd like to use it. Well, so far,I could turn it on (the book tells me where the switch is) but I have no clue about all of the other mumbo jumbo stuff it says. Any books for REAL beginners out there.... Like hpx170 for Super Dummies? Maybe I could find a film student to show me how?

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This camera seems like a fiery start for someone who's a beginner, but considering you inherited it, take a look at this article that has a lot on the technicality part, but has a lot of picture information that will probably help you catch on as a beginner.


Panasonic HPX-170 manual (free download, but lags) - ftp://ftp.panasonic.com/pub/Panasonic/Drivers/PBTS/manuals/AG-HPX170_oi.pdf

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"but again, lots of it is in 'another language'.Thank you for the links."

Nothing I can tell you here, but "that's how it is" with that kindofstuff. Too many times I've gotten over-excited about a 1/4" thick manual consisting of camcorder information and get merely 1/10 of it in English. This is the best thing I know of that tells you everything, word for word, for a beginner.

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Get yourself a copy of "The Little Digital Video Book" 2nd Edition by Michael Rubin. It will help with about 65% of the heavy lifting you'll need to do learning how to use a video camera (and it's in plain Englese'.) Now it won't explain the more advanced controls of your pro camera but it will give you the basics of how a camera works and what to do with one.

I just took a look at the specs on your rig and unless you plan on going into business or shooting your own film festival quality short or feature films, I advise you sell it and get something 'beginner friendly.' XTR wasn't kidding about a 'fiery start.' Look at it this way, would you put a teenager on their first day of training for their learner's permit behind the wheel of your brand new Nissan 350Z twin turbo-charged convertible?

Not saying that you aren't 'smart enough' to learn how to use it, but it's going to be one mighty heavy lift and the odds you'll grow frustrated and put it on a shelf somewhere to collect dust are pretty high.

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