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      hi, new video maker here, I make short ( 5-10 ) travel videos. I just made one, and would like to have about 5 copies made, without waiting the 2 hours my comp takes to burn them. what’s the best place to have some made ? thanks. GX

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      you aren’t re-rendering for each copy are you?
      after creating a project, I save it as a disc image then use roxio toast to burn multiple copies. Even a full length 115min movie doesn’t take hours to burn a few copies!

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      hmmm, I guess i have to figure this one out now, I’m using Magix, and the manual that comes with it is terrible, may as well be written in martian. I have managed to make a few good music videos now, but the main problem is: you can never tell when the thing is done burning the dvd, because it will just sit for hours saying: dvd not finished, this may take a while, but if you cancel it, the dvd is finished and came out great, so now I guess I have to dive in and figure out the "magix" term for rendering . thanks

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      Rendering stands for digesting all your video, audio, transition, titles (you name it) by your computer and giving it out as a final DVD. After the rendering is done and you have your final DVD, you don’t need to re-render it again. Use Roxio Disc Copy for example to make extra copies of the same disc.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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