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      A lot of folks ask me where they should send their cameras to be fixed when they have trouble. Lately it seems I am getting many requests, so I am sending this message out to the bulletin boards because there is one place that you will find where the quality of the service and the turnaround can not be beat . Macie video is my first, second and third choice. Roger is considered the premiere camera expert in the US and his staff is second to none. In fact Roger is the guy that companies like Sony send their stuff too when they can’t fix it properly. Probably because he hired away Sony’s head prosumer technician. The good news is that Roger started a program repairing prosumer cameras a few years back. Check out the extensive list of cameras he repairs on his site. Charges for repair start at about $95 and as Roger says most of the repairs on these cameras (transport problems, heads etc) cost about $200-$400 that gives you an idea of what to expect. And Roger tweaks the cameras to settings that manufacturers fail to, but should have done in manufacturing. I know in the professional broadcast world, Roger is considered the best there is. I like many other pros will not send any of my equipment anywhere else. It’s nice to see that he has added these less expensive cameras as the options for repair are not great and often the manufacturers don’t do justice to a repair. And at least I would trust that if Roger and his team took a look they are going to fix what needs to be repaired and not charge one an arm and a leg. And Roger is authorized to repair everything from the major manufacturers. I know he just started to repair the Sony HDV cameras too. So if you are looking for another repair option and want quality, convenience, and fast turnaround, for any camera from $3000-$100,000, SD to HDV to HD, I strongly suggest you call Macie video. Use my name (Walter Graff) as a reference.


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