Where is the best place to find voice over talent?

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      I’m in the process of creating a few dozen short 30 second product videos, I’m looking for some professional voice over talent at a low cost. Any suggestions?

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      I may be the only one to think this but as with anything – you get what you pay for.

      If you’re not concerned with quality, just record it yourself (I have even though I was concerned but budget issues overrode the need).

      There are some folks who have advertised on Craig’s List and many of them are low cost while decent, but if you want Don LaFontaine (may he RIP) quality, you’re gonna have to pay for it.

      Just MHO.

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      I recommend talking to your local cable and radio editors – they will have a roster of “local celebs” that love to be involved in little projects like this. This kind of work only pays $20 – $30 because you send them a script and a video with a time allocation and they record it at their home and email it to you as a mp3, usually. It only takes them a few minutes (they are professionals).

      Most anything you need in this business can be found with the right attitude!
      Good luck on your spots! —Bri

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      Yes, local broadcasting talents are a good ( if not over exposed ) source, BUT don’t overlook local theater groups. Actors are usually hungry, and game for anything which they can add to their resume’. Also, your community may have a ” Recordings for the Blind ” chapter where obscure, overlooked voice talent may be hiding . . . Sometimes you can overhear ” that voice ” just standing in line at the supermarket!

      R Crampton

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      A service a friend of mine uses is voice123.com. It’s a free service to use for you as a producer. Just create a profile and post a script. Within minutes, you will get demos from voice over talent from all over the country who will bid on your project. Most will read your script as their demo so you can get a good idea of the final product. You can also specify what kind of talent you are looking for (old, middle aged, teen, child, male, female).

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      AvatarGrinner Hester

      I am very happy with these two dudes:
      Jim is a close frind of mine (and a talent of the link above) and going to him direct can save you money and time.
      Sid is also a close friend and does the bast dang old school cowboy I know of.
      I high;y recomend both of these dudes. Tell em grinner sent ya.

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      Thanks for all of your posts I appreciate your time and advise!

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      Hello Titanvictory,
      If you have not found anyone yet, drop me a line at: craig@craigkoepke.com or call me at 319-290-9204. I can help you get you a quality voiceover without breaking your bank.

      Craig K

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