Where do i get started ?

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      So I’m new to all this movie making stuff………..
      i have a lot of scripts made and i have a lot of ideas and i want to put them all into gear…….and i want them to be very good quality…..so that when people watch my videos , they forget that they are watching a video and they get sucked into it and they get chills up there spine when they realize that they are just watching a video………..

      so i have a few questions to ask some poeple who are a litle (or a lot) more experience in all this video making stuff than i am…………

      so what is the price range i need to expect for a nice camera that i can get ^that kind of effect on people………

      and what are some catalogs that i could order that show the kinds of products in this industry like cameras, lenses, software, stands, cases and all that jazz……..

      if any body would be so kind to answer some of my questions then i will be extremely grateful………

      thanks in advanced

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      I’ve seen some great stuff using cheap cameras and also seen terrible things using expensive cameras. There is a whole lot more going into creating a scene that will resonate well with your audience – the actors, lighting, music, script, audio, etc. If just one of those components fail, then the entire project could be a disaster.

      Not to sound negative – I would definately do a lot more homework and look around a bunch of various dv forums, watch what others have done, see what kind of equipment they are using and you will get an idea of what you will need. Not that I am any expert mind you – the best advice I have heard is to simply film. Go out and do it and you will eventually hone your craft.

      Good Luck!
      Tim P.

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      Needless to say, a good story is the first thing you need.
      Without that all else is just academic.

      You may what to think about a Director Photography as they will address what’s needed for each scene.

      I do believe the more you shoot, the better you will become so try to work with the equipment you have and then look at our dailies and think about what worked and what did not work.
      If your images are good but your sound is bad, then you know what you need to do. If the dailies are good [sound and image] but when you start to edit, it’s not looking like you thought it would… Keep working on your editing.

      I don’t know how much money you have or if you have any equipment at all but think about what you plan to do with your movie…. DVD only, film out, video tape for TV, the Web or all of the above. How you plan to display your movie will tell you if you need progress or if an interlaced camera will work.

      Just start shooting and keep researching and you will find out what you need and don’t need in short order.

      Good luck.

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