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      After watching Adobe’s launch of CS5, trying to drown out all the ‘buzz’ about the ‘iPad’, ‘Droid’ and a bunch of other new whiz-bang products getting flung at us everyday, I saw this video about ‘Motion Magazine Production’. The all Digital Magazine ‘VIV’ recently shot their issues’ cover and a layout feature completely for the motion mag format. The production shot using live actors, props, and greenscreen with the RED EPIC. Though their project was primarily for the ‘i’ line of Apple products, I can fully see the potential for this type of work for other devices as well. Take a look at what was done. Though VIV had money to throw at the project, you could with your existing gear produce similar styled content with high production values.

      VIV Mag Featurette: A Digital Magazine Motion Cover and Feature for the iPad from Alexx Henry on Vimeo.

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      Some of the new stuff coming along is just amazing. I’m glad to see Epics getting out there and being used.

      I couldn’t catch what the software was that they are using to make all the background scenery and furniture, I’m guessing it’s some high end proware, but how long before stuff like that filters down to the rest of us?

      Can’t wait!

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      I can easily see how this could be a whole industry unto itself like ‘wedding videography’ is. And, there are more than enough tools out there right now that you can do a bang up job with and not put yourself in the poorhouse trying.

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      I believe the one guy said they’re using Zbrush, which is a pretty cool program. When I was in college, they had it loaded on all the computers, so I got to screw around with it for a bit. I never took a class for it though since it was for the 3D Animation majors.

      Also, I think this could be it’s own industry too. Before the iPad was released, everyone was predicting that it will revolutionize the print industry. Obviously this isn’t print, but magazines and newspapers now have a new medium for delivering their content.

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      Thanks for the info on Zbrush, looks like it is actually not a sky-high priced package. I’m still working with basic compositing and effects tools and building all the animated models the old fashioned way, with cardboard and glue.

      I also like seeing the kind of move the “magazine” is taking and getting the use out of a new tech like the iPad. Rather than see print die, I’d love to see it adapt and evolve.


      I tend to stay about a generation back on hardware and pick up deals while everyone is boarding the “latest &greatest express”, the only time I forced myself to keep up was when I made the jump to HD, it was a sad day waving goodbye to my little family of Canon SD cams. I swear they were crying, but it could have been moisture on the UV lens

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      “Also, I think this could be it’s own industry too. Before the iPad was
      released, everyone was predicting that it will revolutionize the print

      “The only time I forced myself to keep up was when I made the jump to HD,
      it was a sad day waving goodbye to my little family of Canon SD cams.”


      Yeah it’s plain to see that once print outfits recognize that this is the avenue that will keep their industry alive, they’re going to need professionals who are experienced in production, compositing and interactive design to make the visual elements they’ll regularly need. I just hope like one of the VIV mag’s creator’s said that, “This was not motion for motion’s sake, this is still print in spirit….” If those outfits who go into this area keep that in mind, ‘Motion Magazines’, etc. will be very distinct from traditional Motion Picture products.

      I don’t really think the iPad has ‘revolutionized’ anything. The tech is actually ‘old’ (in tech years) and isn’t any real improvement over the iPhone Touch except for the larger viewing area and some more drive space (64GB fixed hard drive? Come on!) However, as always I will give Apple it’s props for it’s ‘Hype Machine’ and how that does move people into creating stuff to support their products.

      But this thing is going to be bigger than anything Apple planned on cornering the market on. This kind of production will work on mobile devices, netbooks and other tablet devices too. With Adobe making Flash available for all of these devices, there will be plenty of work to go around!


      You definitely don’t want to ‘chase technology’. However as you said about making the transition to HD, ‘eventually you’ll have to wave goodbye to your old gear’. I do still have my SD rigs as they still produce a fine image (I’ve still got my old Hi-8 rig on active duty!) You never know when you’ll need an ‘offbeat’ look to put in with your HD footage. They can be used like the old days when TV shows shot entirely on film to represent ‘the real world’ and incorporate video footage to show television.

      I’m like you as I hang back a bit to wait for the ‘bugs’ to get worked out, manuals to be written and for realistic workflows to develop. I have to admit though, I will be scraping up some cash to upgrade from CS3 to 5. I always skip an update with Adobe. I learned way back when not to run out and buy every time they come out with an update (x.0, x.5, x.0). That get’s way too expensive.

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