When to upgrade to a better Camcorder

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      Hi, I am new to the forum. I have a Panasonic GS500. I made a video using pinnacle studio and when other people saw it the all loved it. Since then I have been reading up on everything I could get my eyes on about videomaking. I am now being asked to make more and more video’s. So my question is should I upgrade now to a better camera like the GL2, Sony VX2100, or wait a while and upgrade to a HDV in a year or two.

      Just a side note-
      I bought GS500 from USA Photo nation and, suprisingly and had no problems. Now I notice they have a Sony HDRFX1 for 1,219.00 but I have read nothing good about USA photo nation.

      Here is the video that I made.



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      Thanks for the reply. Do you think it is worth it to upgrade to another minidv or should I wait and upgrade to a HDV? I will purchase from a reputable dealer of coarse.

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