When i plug a mic into my canon hg10, it just buzzes in playback

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      I reacently purchased the canon hg10

      i am VERY happy with it.

      But i came acrost a problem when tring to plug a cheap mic into the mic terminal.

      i tried it again with anothor cheap mic and it was the same.

      All it made when i played it back was a loud BUZZZZZ

      i have a new shotgun mic coming in the mail and hope that will make a difference

      if anyone with any experience with canon cameras has any idea on what i could try, that will be greatly appreciated

      thank you

      -Films inc Media

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      I haven’t done this yet, but I know there is a setting that you have to change so that the camera knows you’ve plugged in an external microphone. Also, check out this tutorial from Berkley University.


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      I think i just figured out, for some reason the 2 mics i just tested didnt work with my camera. It works now

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