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      After working withdifferent editingsoftware packages over the years, one tends to find aand stay with that one program that works well for them. As we get more comfortable with our editing, certain tasks continue to be very time consuming. Key-framing is one idea/issue. Color correction/color grading could be another. Cleaning audio of that annoying compressor or diesel background noise

      I was thinking of a topic to get the pros to sharing some experience with the other tools used in editing, “plugins”. I for one am ready to expand my editing program to that next level but have no sure path to follow.

      Understanding that the following responses are purely personal opinion;

      What one or two Plugins can you not do without and why? (What editing program is it being used with?)

      What (type) plugin would you suggest be avoided and why?

      What plugin do you wish they would come out with?<span id=”_marker”></span>

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      Sony Vegas Pro 10 makes a good one: “Noise Removal” and “Graphics EQ” (with curves)

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