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      I own a Canon XL2 who has booked a couple weddings to shoot. But in my research to find the best video camera stabilizer, I’m at a loss as to which one to buy. Now, like most of us in this forum, I don’t have $1,000 or more to spend on this problem; I’m just getting started. So, here is what I have learned:

      The Merlin Steadicam is out of my price range. The Varizoom FlowPod can’t handle the weight. The Levelcam looks interesting but NOT professional. The Glidecam 4000 Pro looks like the best rig but as I read in reviews at B & H and here, the Glidecam is too heavy for more than 10-15 minutes of shooting. As I read EarlC’s comments, I would need to invest about another $1,500 to get to the low-end of the vest type camera stabilization systems.

      So, what do I buy? I’d like some help from everyone who has knowledge/experience with this age-old problem. (By the way, the Canon XL2 weighs in around 8 lbs)


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      well…might not looks as neat as a glidecam with the vest and arm, but you can fold your tripod closed with the camera still mounted on top. You can walk with it and capture a nice shot. This technique is free since you should already have a tripod. Do this for a few weddings until you get the full glidecam rig.

      Also, i think i saw a post not too long ago where Earl offered to sell his glide cam set up to someone. He might still have it…don’t know how much he’s selling it for though.

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      Hey, I may not be Mr. all-knowing when it comes to video gear, but check out ‘http://www.cobracraneusa.com/Camera-Stabilizers.html’. There they have the Steady Tracker Extreme, completely suitable for your XL2. For my business, I own a pair of Canon XH-A1’s and they glide well on the Steady Tracker. If you have the cash for the fancy and over-priced glidecam, more power to you, but if you’re looking for something that will work wonders comparable to the other highly-priced stabilizers, consider the Steady Tracker Extreme. I bought it and I love it! ONLY $299.00!

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      There is another type of camera stabilizer that is popular called a fig rig. It is named after director Mike Figgis who invented it. I think the base price for them is cheaper than a steadi-cam or glidecam.

      I have shot with a glide cam in the past. I don’t think the are particularly heavy for a camera stabilization rig, but to my knowledge none of the handheld rigs are designed for long periods of use. Even the body mounted ones are only intended for short periods of shooting. They make a couple of attachments for it like an arm and shoulder brace to make it easier to use for extended periods of time. The advantage of the glide cam over some of the cheaper models is that it uses a gimbal and counter weight system. If you really want to save money you can always build your own rig, there are several designs online such as: http://steadycam.org/

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      Like Rob said, attaching and holding a tripod with a camcorder mounted is an inexpensive method for a small SteadyCam. Take a look at some of these basic stabalizers.


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      Just build one.

      Build a harness or just put a weight on pole and connect your camera to the top.

      Search the internet or youtube and you’ll see how. That’s how I got mine.

      I’m currently building the over the shoulder harness.

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      i got lensse uniquex..a hundred box cost…

      test with canon dslr 600 ..it s perfect stabilizer..very simple and smart design woow..

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      Try to use Camera stabilizer steadicam steadycam, These are cheap in prices easy to handle and operate. go through http://www.vitalemporium.com/ and http://www.vitalemporium.com/index.php?cPath=48&osCsid=0536722f982bb02f9b8412b5084a56ca to check out.

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      Might be a little outside your price range, but there are camera rig vests for less than $2K. Check out the Aviator Rig — http://www.aviatorrig.com

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