What’s the deal with Adobe Ultra?

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      Hello. I am trying to figure out what the deal is with Adobe Ultra.

      I understand Ultra used to be made by a company called ‘Serious Magic.’ If I have my facts right, Adobe bought Ultra, and thenincorporated it into Premiere CS3. Now I am told thatAdobe no longer makes Ultra, or even really supports it (if you can even find an old copy), even though many people believe it is the best chroma-keyer around.


      What is the deal with Ultra? And what do people use for clean keying, if they cannot get Ultra?


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      Sorry about all the weird symbols. Apparently if one goes to edit one’s post, all sorts of weird symbols get inserted.

      But what does one use to make the best, cleanest keys, if one cannot get Ultra?

      Thank you.

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      A lot of the tutorials recommend using the “Key Light” part of After Effects for keying.

      You can buy if fairly reasonably if you go to school and take any sort of class.

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      There are other options (although I am told Adobe is bringing back a form of Ultra in future product(s) but that reamins to be see as to what and when).

      Boris has some help – from their web page (http://www.borisfx.com/tutorials/chroma_key.php): “BCC Chroma Key filter included as a standard feature with BORIS RED. However, the same BCC Chroma Key is available in the lower-priced BORIS FX package. Both
      RED and FX plug into a wide range of NLE systems from Avid, Apple,
      Adobe, Sony (Vegas), Harris (DPS Velocity), Canopus (Edius), Media 100,
      and others. In addition, BCC Chroma Key is part of the BORIS Continuum
      Complete filter set available as native plug-ins Adobe, Apple, Avid,
      and other NLEs.”

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      Butterfly and Birdcat (?!),

      Thank you. I will check both of those out.

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      Adobe never actually integrated Ultra into the Production premium product line, that was the problem. THey used to just give it away with the suite but it was never intended to work with the other applications. So for the CS4 release since they wanted to put an emphasis on other areas of the programs. The rumor is that it will be integrated into later versions of the package. It isn’t really an emphasised piece of software for the suite since keying iwould usually be handled by the tools in After Effects.

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      So After Effects is the deal?

      Cool. Thanks!

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