What’s the biggest bang for my buck… ($600 =[)

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      Ok please no dirty jokes lol
      I want to know what would be the best value for $600
      I need a consumer camcorder (obviously lol) with a mic input and the best quality I can get! =] It’s going to be used for very fast action shots and pretty well lighted areas.
      I don’t know where to start looking for a camcorder – i only know how to use one and how to edit the video. So pleaseee if you know where I can at least start looking it would really help! You don’t have to find a specific model but that would help =] Otherwise just point me in the right direction.

      Thank you very much!

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      A couple years ago, it was easy to find consumer camcorders with mic inputs. Not so easy now.
      A good 1st step woud be to go to http://www.bhphotovideo.com and click on "video – consumer", then choose "camcorders". Checking the specs for the very low end, I see a couple Samsung camcorders with mic inputs. Well under $300. Looks like the next step up is all the way to the Panasonic AG-DVC7, which not only has a mic input, it allows manual setting of the mic volume (but that unit costs $999.95 … yikes! 😯 ).

      Maybe you can find something in their "Used" department. The Canon "Elura" and "Optura" lines were very good, but check the specs to make sure there’s a mic input.

      Good luck, 🙂
      Ken Hull

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      Hmm, I came across this kit that comes with a Pan. PV GS300 which is a 3ccd 3.1 mp (still) with mic input, with a telephoto lens, a wide angle lens, filters, video light, MiniDV tapes, a 512 mb sd card and other little things for around $750at
      brand new, MSRP $699 for just the Camcorder.
      It’s a yahoo store, seems safe, I’m checking the better business bureau sites for any scams.
      Anyone have any tips? or think this is a bad deal?

      EDIT: Oh and a 4 year US warranty =]

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