What’s the best camcorder/camera?

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      I am currently shooting yoga videos and using a Canon Rebel 1di which does not have external mic capabilities.

      I am now looking for a new camera and wireless mic combo. I am thinking of a lapel (lavalier) mic and want to keep the HD quality that my Canon currently has.. Not sure if I should stick with Canon, if I should use tapeless.. So many options!

      With so little experience, I appreciate any and all input..

      If you want to see the kind of videos I am talking about, check out http://www.balancetree.com


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      Hello, there are a number of excellent options in the Canon, Panasonic and Sony environment. I am partial to the Canon primarily because for the longest time IMHO Canon has produced superior lens quality, and it’s stabilization technology is unsurpassed.

      There are many options, however, including a discontinued but still obtainable Canon HV40, latest of several iterations that started with a very popular HV20, HV30… in the series. High Definition with a MiniDV tape format and a lot of useful options.

      Currently, in the $2K range is the Panasonic HMC40. I am not familiar with any/many of the consumer models in any of these brands, and know nothing at all regarding the current line of Sony equipment.

      Also, a search here for camera recommendations worded in a number of ways will get you the previous responses to this perennial inquiry. But I think also you could come up with some info via Google, doing a search for consumer, prosumer and/or professional high definition camcorders.

      My personal preference in current technology is cameras that use the SDHC or other memory card variations, primarily because it is the direction things are going, as well as reducing costs and camera noise inherent with units that have tape drive or hard disk drive systems. Solid state = no moving parts, less noise, and lower manufacturing/repair costs as well as longevity.

      Sony, Sennheiser, Samson, Azden and a host of other companies produce a wide array of wireless AND/OR wired mic systems that will work nicely – starting at under $100 and going out of sight. A LOT of people here will pipe in, all of them with their favorites, their favorite computer editing systems and programs, their preferences for cameras, etc. It will eventually give you PLENTY to research on your own.

      Meanwhile there are also a host of sensors, CCD and CMOS, single and multiple-chip/sensor, recording medium, lens quality and format issues you might need to research as well to determine what will work best for you within the range of your personal budget.

      Is there a way to view the videos without having to sign up – I couldn’t easily find a way to do so without joining up. OK, Desktop Yoga 2 worked to give me an idea. Well done, good narration and imaging.

      Good luck, Earl

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      The best camera is the one you have.

      It’s not uncommon to use a separate audio recorder with your cam. The most popular is
      the Samson Zoom H4. Drop the audio and the video in the same editing software and match the two together.

      If you’re not interested in the additional work added to your production with the above method you can always attach the BeachTek DXA-5D where you connect your camera to an external audio microphone.


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      I have the Zoom H4 and can recommend it. Youcould record the audio directly to it while the camera runs and synch the audio in your editor the way Brian says above. I bought my Zoom on ebay and it came with a 1GB SD card.

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      She said her camera does not have external mic capabilities so a BeachTek adaptor isn’t going to do the trick. The Zoom series of standalone digital recorders are awesome – even the H2, but she also indicated she’d like to eliminate time-consuming work in post by adding narrative, so this wouldn’t necessarily address that concern either.

      So, depending on the available editing system/program, camera replacement and mic acquisition, this will be easier, or more difficult and time-consuming if the right elements are not addressed. Actually, a headset mic system, preferably wired, would do well to capture narrative as the video footage is being shot, and feeding directly into a mic-friendly unit.

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      I was not able to view your videos on your website (short of buying them). I personally use a Canon HV40 because it does HDV and has an external mic input. Another important feature is that you can buy wide angle adoptor which I think will be useful for the kind of videos you will be taking. I use both a lav mic and a shotgun mic with the camcorder depending on what I am shooting. If you intend to anotate the video while you are shooting someone else doing the yoga exercize, then a lav mic could work best. If you need to videotape and record the person doing the exercise, then a shotgun mic would be your answer.

      If you will be videotaping yourself doing the exercizes, then I would not use the lavalier as it would pick up too much noise. I would use the shotgun mic. The HV40 comes with a remote contol that would be useful in this case.

      If you want to go tapeless, I would go for the Canon HF series.


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      Well, I am not that professional but I’d like recommend a Samsung S16 HD camcorder. It offers an internal/external mic and wind cut. Plus, it can be record up to 2hrs and many effects on the cam. Maybe it is way to much cost on. However, it would be a perfect gear to capture the yoga if you’re looking for HD.

      Here’s a link to clip.

      Hope you find an answer.


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