Whats the best camcorder to use for indoor recording?

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      To explain. I want to build my own website selling videos off my website.

      Quality and sound is the most important thing.

      I need some with 30-50gb Storage. And 60 minutes of recording time.

      Prices I wanna say about…..$500 to $1500

      Now keep in mind I really dont want to get any HD camcorders because a lot of people dont have HD yet.

      Remember be specific when explaing what camcorders you name.

      Thank you.

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      I will not recommend any specific cams, I will let you do your own research though, keep these things in mind. More CCD’s or CMOS sensors and the bigger they are, the better the camera. You want something that has a low lux rating. I have seen some really nice stuff done with single chip cameras. When you do finally decide on a camera, only use 1 brand of tape in the camera as different manufacturers use different lubricants for the tape. Putting different brands of tape in the camera will ruin it FAST! Don’t get suckered in to a web dealer that offers that unbelievable price, it probably is way to good to be true. I recommend that you look at B&H Photo for cameras, they aren’t the lowest price, but they are tops in the business!

      Good Luck.


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