Whats more important? New Editing Computer or New HDCamera?

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      I am a college student who films mostly weddings and live local bands. I would in time like to switch from my VX2100 to a newer HD camera. Would it be better if i first bought a new editing computer, and then bought a HD camera?

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      If you know youre moving to HD then I would get the computer first because editing in HD does require a strong/fast system unless you plan on keeping everything on tape until you get a computer that can handle HD.

      Having said that, you do have the option to down convert or to shoot in SD with many HDV cameras which you can edit on a somewhat slower system.

      One thing to keep in mind is that computers change much faster than cameras do.
      I shoot with an FX1 which I got in late 05 but Im on my 3rd computer now.

      I had my camera first but I could not work with HD until my 3rd [fast and more memory] computer.

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