whats camcorder under $1000 / best resolution

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      I want to get another camcorder ( my 1st is panasonic gs150 ) I want to get a camcorder around tax time I want to get something with a higher resolution than the gs150 .

      I’ve been checking out these price sites



      any info will be helpful

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      The panasonic you have is a good camera for the price. $500-$600 for a 3CCD isn’t bad.

      Then again Sony’s 1 chip consumer cameras look pretty darn good too. Plus, I think they’re built much better than any other out there. I bought a sony digital 8 six years ago and it’s still plugging away. It’s extremely basic compared to the DVX 100A that I use at work, but it’s great for personal use.

      I guess it depends on what you’re shooting. Do you need 3 chip, low lux, xlr inputs? I found a site a while back that had some useful info. Maybe this helps.


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